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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Armaan's Letter To Fans

Dr. Armaan is all set to don a new avatar as the host of Zara Nachke Dikha on Star One…

WE brings a message from your favourite Dr. Armaan from Dil Mil Gayye (Karan Singh Grover)…Read on to know more about his life, his journey on Star One and his new show…

Hey folks!!

I'm sure you all guys enjoyed the 'Girls v/s Boys' basketball game, we all put up on-screen in Dill Mill Gayye. Though it was just a scene, at a personal level, it was a real game for all of us. Braving the scorching heat, we girls and boys were eager to show each other our skills in basketball! But frankly it was just a good opportunity to prove whose the best-girls or boys.

If you ask me, I have been out to prove that boys are best even in school and college when my buddies used to tease or scare the girls. Till today I remember the pranks we played on the girls and getting into silly competitions just to prove ourselves better. Oh it was such fun, we used to boo, cheer and blow catcalls at the girls.

Even today, at least for me, those old times have just the same zing. And now I have a grand stage to take this never ending battle of the sexes onto the dance floor. You must be wondering Armaan and on the dance floor? Well, you always knew I had some hidden talent or the other so why not dancing. So my latest move is that I am all set to don up a new avatar by anchoring a sensational new show called 'Zara Nachke Dikha' on Star One. And you know who will be my co-host? It will be the sweet and witty Shweta Gulati. After an era of Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima's tiffs on trivial issues, it'll be Karan and Shweta fighting it out for our own genders respectively.

But to tell you the truth-I love girls and at no point do I want to pick fights with them. But you know how it is. We boys can neither live with the girls nor live without them also. Can I say girls are necessary evils, that at least I can't live without? Alright, if some of you didn't like what I just said then you can get back at me while watching the show. On my side will be 8 handsome hunks. I call them Tez Talwar Ladke. And on Shweta's side will be 8 beautiful women. Shweta calls them Meethi Churi Ladkiyan.

Finally, all you girls, please take care! Because I love you but just cant help teasing you and enjoy your beautiful company….so lets have a lot of fun together and play this mother of battles and decide whose the best girls or boys. If you ask me, it's a difficult choice as I love girls! So see you then and please do remember to tune in to Zara Nachke Dikha starting 14th July, at 930pm every Monday and Tuesday only on Star One!! Also please do support my boys! GOD SAVE THE GIRLS!!!

Dr. Armaan
(Karan Singh Grover)

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