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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The man in Dr. Ridhima’s life

The sweet and simple Dr. Ridhima of Dill Mill Gayye aka Sukirti Kandpal has a man in her life. She is in a committed relationship since three years.

A source informs, “She is dating a hotelier. His name is still under wraps but news has it that Sukriti is seeing him since the past three years. She had met him when she was in college. Due to his hotel business, he keeps shuffling between Mumbai and London. The two of them are completely smitten by each other and in spite of being busy with their respective professions they manage to find time for each other. Incidentally, Sukriti’s father who is a High Court lawyer has also recently turned a hotelier.”

Talking of the man in her life Sukriti informs, “Yes, I have someone in my life but I wouldn’t like to name him or talk much about him.” Are your parents aware of your relationship? She replies, “My mother knows about it and I think my father has some clue that I am seeing someone.” So, is marriage on the cards? She quips, “I am only twenty one years old. I have not yet thought of getting married. Why are you asking me about marriage? It is a far off thing. Do you want me to get married and leave acting?”

On asking her about the way she is spending her free time due to the strike, she says, “Now that I have got a break from work I am using this opportunity to spend some quality time with my boyfriend and family members. I have been neglecting my family since a long time.”


Sunaina Gulia, of Dill Mill Gayye is enjoying every moment of leisure time with her mom and friends in Delhi...

As everything in at a stand still in the TV Industry, most of the actors have taken time out to be with their family or take to a much-needed vacation.

Sunaina Gulia, who plays the bubbly Dr. Anjali in Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye is back home in Delhi, spending time with her mom and friends. “I am happy that I am getting to spend time with my mom. I came in May to give her a surprise on her birthday, but that was just for two days. It’s a great homecoming for me”, says Sunaina. The actress is nostalgic as she is meeting up with her friends from college after a long time. “I am thrilled as I am getting to meet my friends again. We have been shopping, and enjoying time together. The weather in Delhi too is nice”, quips she. What’s next for Sunaina? “If this strike goes on, then I will get back to Mumbai and head to Goa with my Mumbai mates”, states the charming actress. On the next track in Dill Mill Gayye, Sunaina says, “That’s a big surprise for the audience”. When quizzed whether Abhimanyu Modi will turn to be the love interest of Anjali, she reasons out, “The script has not yet been finalized. So let’s see what happens”.

Lastly, when asked whether there is anything else in the pipeline, she candidly says, “I am happy with my DMG family. I give nearly 25-28 days here, and as of now enjoying every moment of the show”.

Amit Tandon enters Dill Mill Gayye

The handsome singer cum actor enters at the point when Sanjeevani is facing financial problems...

Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye will see the entry of a new doctor cum administrator in Amit Tandon.
With Sanjeevani in financial crisis, the hospital management takes the ultimate step of cost cutting, wherein they plan to remove one intern.
In this situation enters Dr. Abhimanyu Modi played by Amit. “Dr. Abhi has been sent by the trusties into Sanjeevani to take charge of administration and bring about certain changes. He will be senior to Dr. Shashank,” says Amita Devadiga, Creative Head.
On asked which intern will be ousted, Amita quips, “You’ll see that in the coming episode on Thursday.” When asked about the duration of his role she states, “He will be there for a good six months as of now.”
We talked to Amit on his character, he says, “Dr. Abhi is a young whiz kid who has achieved a lot at a very young age. He is dynamic, powerful and his confidence is his biggest forte.”
On whether he’ll have a love track in future, Amit utters, “I don’t know whether I’ll come in between Armaan and Riddhima, or if it is Nikita. Only time will tell that.”
We welcome the new doctor on board in Sanjeevani.