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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Khatte-Meethe Pal of Dill Mill Gayye

Hey guyz!!As you all may know,2008 is ending so i thought of remembering all the good times of DMG....

These are favourite times of DMG (2008):

- Armaan Riddhima confession (january)
- Sapna's wedding
- Valentines day
- Holi
- The chemistry of Amaan Riddhima in the fire escape
- The night when Amaan Riddhima danced/romanced on Raat ka nasha
- The dance on Saalem-e-ishq
- Padma and shashank's wedding
- First date which went flop
Hehe....and much more lol...
Wot about u guyz ? what were ur favorite times?


Ketaki said...

heyy rajkumar..m visiting ur blog after a very long time(months, actually)...n i must say..u have really changed its face..i remember ur blog was almost next to nothing(sorry for that..just being frank)..but now it has actually got more than everything!!ur blog has got a complete makeover..ur blog has changed..n it has changed for the better..just like the new riddhima! congratulations for that..u r doing gr8..

by the way..y didnt u tell me that even u have exams..just a small post on my wall!!??this is not done!

Ketaki said...

hey..u actually summed up almost all the good, rather the best, times in DMG..
for me..every AR scene is very special..and hey not to forget the second AR confession!!it was another eye-catcher..also the scene in which Atul confessed his love to Anjali was also very cute..

again..i hope the year ends on a positive note..with the RM confession lined up..i hope that Sanjeevani will be out its financial crisis n that we will not have to see that stupid Abhimanyu's face in the next year!..the best thing that cud happen before the year ends is that AR tell everyone about their relationship..n Shashank accepting it!!

also i hope to see some PATIENTS in Sanjeevani in the next year!!
hey how about pairing up Niki n Abhi..that wud be a nice track to watch...
now that DMG is on a positive track..i want everything to move on smoothly with DMG setting new standards n top the TRP list in the next year..cheers!

Ketaki said...

hey i was just seeing one of the episodes of January...n i remembered this one scene where Ridz keeps that photograph in Armaan's locker..n then gets all emotional when she finds those crumbled papers in his locker!

n again the scene where Armaan gives Riddhima the pushtaini kada..
..as i ve said earlier every AR scene is very special...oo gosh..i cud just go on forever...

Ketaki said...

also the Valentine's day episode 18&19th Feb..they were really cute..

Rajkumar said...

Yah! Ketaki, i agred. And many lots more that is not possible to count. Dmg is full spl. those. Every episode has effective reasion for watch it again and again. Actually DMG made perfectly, every scene is memorable for us. Good luck dmg 4 new year.