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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Interview Shilpa Anand (Dr. Riddhima Gupta)

Shilpa Anand who plays Dr. Riddhima Gupta in "Dill Mill Gayye" talks about the audience reaction, her experience on the sets and why the show won't go the "Sanjeevni" way.

"Dill Mill Gayye" has succeeded in drawing the audience, your reaction?
I am glad of course. I am playing Dr. Riddhima Gupta, an intern at Sanjeevni, and the daughter of Sushank Gupta, the dean of the hospital, played by Monish Behl. I have a sister named Dr. Anjali Gupta who often gets irritated with me. And then there is Dr. Armaan who troubles me a lot.

This is your first television appearance, how has the experience been so far?
It has been good so far. Television requires commitment on the part of the actor, it has long work hours. It's hectic but what keeps me motivated is the contentment. After all, hectic schedules are part of all daily soaps. I have been lucky that the whole production team has been very co-operative.

How did you get this role?

They just called and said they wanted me to do this role and I agreed. They took a look test and I was on board.

You have a sister in real life and in this serial, too. So was it easy for you to introduce a few things from real life in your acting?
No, not at all. The chemistry with my real sister is completely different from that with my reel sister in the serial. In the show, my sister and I get into a lot of petty arguments.

You have got a lot of exposure in this serial, do you think you will be able to live up to the expectations of the audience?
I guess so. All I can say is that I will try my best.

How similar are you and the character of Dr. Ridhima Gupta?

Certain traces are similar. A few differences are also stark here and there. But we are very similar with regard to our approach to life. She is straightforward and doesn't take crap from anyone. Nor do I.

"Sanjeevni" is quite similar to "Dill Mill Gayye", which did very well in the start but later diverted from the main love story. Will the same happen with "Dill Mill Gayye"?
Frankly speaking, I haven't watched "Sanjeevni", but I don't think "Dill Mill Gayye" is similar to it. I don't know what turn "Sanjeevni" took in the end, but "Dill Mill Gayye" has a strong and interesting storyline that won't need to be changed later on.

Can you honestly tell us whether you faced any problems in adjusting with your coactors?
All of them were so good. I really had no problem in mixing with any of my co-stars.

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