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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Mayank Anand (Dr. Rahul) to exit from Dill Mill Gayye

The blue eyed boy of Dill Mill Gayye, Dr. Rahul (Mayank Anand) is making his way out of the show. The news has it that he was getting too demanding on the sets and the production house was unable to cope with his demands. Hence the production house and Mayank have mutually decided to part ways.

A source informs, “The demands of Mayank Anand were getting unaffordable for the producers of Dill Mill…. In fact the food that he ordered on the set cost a bomb. Finally the production house and Mayank had a discussion which resulted in a mutual decision that Mayank would leave the show. The creative team is now working on the script and planning to end his character.”

Mayank explains, “Certain things are being worked out. Till then, I won’t be able to confirm anything. You will come to know soon.” Talking about the reason for his exit from the show, he said, “It is just that I had a chat with my producers and in the best interest of both the parties, this step is being planned.”

Producer Siddharth Malhotra said, “We are planning his exit from the show simply because his role was a cameo of four months and we can not accommodate certain demands that he is making. But there is still time for everything to be finalised.”

So the moral of the story is the recession has hit everyone. So keep those bills on check.

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