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Friday, March 13, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye (Happy Funny Holi) - 16March,2009 PROMO


love said...

i kno even i prefer ridz
she's timeless

AR romance will b back u guys!
karan needs votes..so he better give us sum awesome scenes to get votes..lol

see im not even considering his dance to vote..i want AR ..lol

Rajkumar said...

Hello!!! Friendz, here is the LATEST DILL MILL GAYYE TRPs

Week:1st 2/3/2009 to 9/3/2009

RANK: 83

TRPs: 90.10

Kapil said...

did u all notice at d end at 0:25....muskaans fringe cums in her way so she fixes it lol

hina said...

hahahhahaha...may be ...poor our Ridz....Even I miss AR romance

farzana said...

am a silent admire of your blog its the best and all the latest info are there. rajkumar one request i just whant to know trp of february of dmg and just what to know mjht trp it has to be low than dmg. i hate mjht. pls just let me know not the rating of mjht but just tell me wheter its trp is low than dmg pls. sorry soory for this but please help me. thanx