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Saturday, March 14, 2009

I feel comfortable in every outfit – Jennifer Winget

Define fashion...

Fashion for me is comfort with style. One cannot look good ifhe or she is not comfortable in what they are wearing.

Who chooses your clothes?
I choose my own clothes. I trust my choice and I never feel the need to take someone’s opinion.

Do you like to accessorise yourself?
I absolutely love to accessorise. I feel that you can look hot andglamorous even in casual clothes if you are accessorised well.

Is there any particular brand that you prefer?
As long as clothes look good on me I don’t care about the brand. I agree that durability is attached to branded clothes but brands don’t matter much to me.

What is your favorite destination for shopping?
Malaysia and Singapore. There is so much variety there. Best part about shopping there is that things are really cheap in additional to being good. Recently, I asked my cousin to get two bags for me from there.

Which are the clothes that make you feel comfortable?
I feel comfortable in every outfit. I feel equally comfortable in a short skirt as well as a salwar kameez. One thing that I like to wear is a sari. It is simply so elegant and can’t be matched to any other clothes.

Who is your favorite designer?
There is a guy Jerry who designs for me. He has been designing clothes for me since one year.

Most expensive outfit you ever bought?
It was a sari that I bought two years ago for Rs. 35,000. I don’t remember from where I bought it.

Any particular colour that you like to see in your wardrobe?
I like to see white in my wardrobe. Half my wardrobe is filled with whites and my mom yells at me for this.

A must- have in your purse?
A perfume and my mobile phone.

What are the make-up products that you prefer?
I like Mac products. I can swear by Mac lipsticks. You don’t feel like using lipstick of any other brand once you use a lipstick from Mac. I also prefer make up products from Body shop.

A fashion tip
Comfort should come first. Just wear something else rather than feeling uncomfortable and looking like a clown in uncomfortable clothes.

A make- up tip

Don’t overdo your make up. Remember to remove every bit of your make up before going to bed. Avoid using sub- standard products.

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