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Friday, March 06, 2009

The ‘other woman’ in Mayank’s life

Mayank Anand, better known as Dr. Rahul of Dill Mill Gaye, is a man of many talents. Those who mourned his sudden disappearance from the show would be glad to know that it was for a good cause. Mayank needed time off to finish his book. “I am in the process of editing my book. I have completed two drafts and will begin work on the third and final draft,” he says.

Tentatively titled ‘Love from the Sidelines’, Mayank’s book is about the other woman. “And I have written it from her perspective – that was the challenge! I could have written it from the guy’s perspective, but then that would not have been challenging enough.”

So when do we get to see his book on the stands? “Let’s see. I am talking to some publishers, but right now, I am still tweaking the book, making lots of changes,” he says. “I have set the book aside for a couple of weeks. It usually happens that when I return to it later, I feel like changing a lot of things. I am also in the process of getting my paintings together for an exhibition. Right now, only half of them are ready. I need time to paint the other half.”

Mayank’s paintings apparently started on a very spiritual note. He used to paint a lot of Shiva, but as time passed, his paintings got humorous – almost whacky. “I am planning a couple of whacky books as well,” he reveals. “But it’s too early to talk about them because they are in the idea stage.”

Writing-painting-acting. Perhaps he is going to spring a surprise on us in the music domain as well? “No,” he says. “I am not a music guy at all, though I wish I was. I wish I could play the guitar or something. But no, I cannot.”

So where does Dr. Rahul figure in all this? How did the comeback happen? “Well, I got a call from the production house saying that I should return and I did,” he says simply.

Well, Mayank, you are truly a revelation. Glad to see you back on the show!

1 comment:

Shilpanian said...

Best of luck for your BOOK Dear Rahul. I must buy when it come in the market.