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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dono Hain Josh Mein, Nahi Koi Kisi Se Kam. Boxing Ring Mein Dekhna Hai Kismein Kitna Hai Dum : NEW PROMO


luck said...

armman looks very hot. he look hotter than hot chocklate. i love him.

Sofi said...

Oh my gosh...both look stunning...hope the best one wins...hehe..nah man I really want Armaan to win...but then if he wins then Niki wont be in that project with Abhi...ohhhhhh...so may the best man win...!! thanks for posting..!!

Saniya said...

my armaan!!!!
he is so hot!!!!
luv his body!!
abhi ki toh body armaan ke saamne kuch bhi nhi hai
he is so hoooot
i ws abt to fain ;-)
it ws jst awwwwww*faintin*
luv ya karan/armaan!!!!
u r jst gr8!!!!

lata said...

I want ammy win becaz he is tooooo hotttt man. and he is right everytime.but MAKE THE BEST MAN WIN!!!!

IN NO CENT said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaa even i want that the best man wins the match no dout armaan is only gonna win the match whatever happens niki ko abhi ke saath new sanjeevanee jaana he hogaa because if armaan wins then also as per there rules niki connot avoid her future boy friend abhi and armaan sachi yaar kya body now your teen deviyann do anything humein karan(armaan) ko vote karne se koi nahi rok sakta he he no body can stop us for giving 1000s of votes to our armaan

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh
ARMAAN u r superhot
i just luv his body
may armaan only win but nikki goes wid abhi

waise dont forget voting for him:)

karan said...

i luv u luv u luv u very much kar@n.
hey RAjkumar r u there????

Anonymous said...

may abhimanyu win............but best of luck Armaan.........i really like u so much