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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dr.Armaan switches to defensive mode

As shocking as it may seem but the truth is that Karan Singh Grover is struggling to keep his heart at Dill Mill Gayye. Apparently, questions are being raised over his commitment to the show. Few days back, we had reported on how the actor allegedly is giving a tough time to the producers. Grover was unavailable then but he’s finally broken his silence and chose to hit back at his detractors.

Before he gets down to the core issue, Grover wants to know from his detractors about the so called tantrums that he’s allegedly throwing. “Well, I don’t deny that I’ve been struggling to give enough time for DMG. I’m not so sure whether that can qualify as a tantrum but I’d like to know about my other tantrums,” Grover chides.

So, is it Jhalak.. that’s causing problem to the ‘Dill...?

“Well, the problems have started even before Jhalak. I wouldn’t like to talk so much about it. Now that I’m doing Jhalak, it’s been a struggle to manage time for the two shows While, we only shoot once in a week for Jhalak, I rehearse everyday from 11.30 pm to 4.30 am. Then, I shoot for DMG from 12.00 pm to 10.00 pm. There have been days where I’ve worked for 23 hours. Working like this takes a toll on your body. Thus there will be days when your body will give up,” he explains.

If sources are to be believed, then Grover and few other actors aren’t happy with the way the show has been shaping. DMG is no longer the numero uno show on Star One and its TRPs aren’t so encouraging anymore.

When asked whether his relationship with the producer has broken down, he replied, “No, it’s not like that. These things happen whenever the show isn’t doing well. Perhaps, in times like this, one often looks for easy scapegoats.”

Apparently, there’s some talk that Karan could leave the show in the coming months once he begins shooting for his film. The actor though has rubbished any such possibility.

Says he, “No, I don’t see that happening if we can work out the dates. Jhalak.. is likely to wind up in early May. The shoot for my film will probably commence from June but it could also be pushed to July. Thus, I see no reason for me to quit television. All that is needed is effective time management.”


AARTI said...

Agar Karan Show chhod dega to DMG pit jayega. i never see it without him...

Plz. do something makers if u survive the show...

luck said...

i do not think karan will leave the show as he says.

but the creatives as you can see that are now concerating on the track of Abhi- Niki. but i do not care as long as karan is there but i really feel when he is not there in the show the show is really boring inspite of everyone being the part of the show.

karan u do not need to give explanations on such false gossip about you. we your fans trust you a lot and love you.

Anonymous said...

Snehil, Karan u don't need 2 giv explanation or defend urself We hav a trust on u. Every1 on dis blog know that Sidd is a big lier n really we r also hating d current track in dmg. Karan u rose in fame with dmg, 4 ur fans n there luv 4 character Armaan so 4 these reasons don't leave dmg n don't break our heart. Its a high time creatives need 2 get up n concentrate on dmg. Karan plz we can't aspect dmg without u. We love alot Armaan n Karan.

Saniya said...

Thank God
he did nt agree abt the quit!!
he shud nvr leave dis show...
if he leaves trp will fall more n never rise again
u knw it still can rise if the old DMG is back
n by seein the last 2 epis
we have a hope
n soon it can be the number 1!!
n Karan dnt upset ur fans by quittin dmg
v trust u
n yeah!!
we used to love u, we love u n we ll love u

IN NO CENT said...

please dont leave the show dill mill gayye

Saniya said...

he wont...
cuz he is knw as armaan
n armaan is only in dmg...
he wont accordin to mee
i hope soo
he has already bcum a famous celeb on tv
soon he can bcum a famous celeb on film
bt thn whtevr he ll b in de future ll possible only cuz of dmg n his actin as armaan
girls ka 'Dil Ka Doctor'