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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jennifer Winget's 1st. Written Interview as Dr. Riddhima Gupta

Star One's Dill Mill Gayye gets a new Dr. Riddhima in the charming Jennifer Winget in which the babe would again be pairing opposite Karan Grover after Kasauti Zindagi Kii. Let's see what the actress has to say about her new assignment and many more.

What new shades have you planned to give to the character of Riddhima, you would be portraying in Dill Mill Gayye?
I have just started working on this character and I think since this character has been loved and appreciated by everybody so much, there is
no requirement of giving it new shades. The character of Riddhima is so sweet and lovable that nothing needs to be changed or nothing new needs to be added. I am just going to try my best to keep the essence of the character and hopefully will try to make it more lovable.

The character of Riddhima is changing for the third time now, so what is the reason behind that?
I don't know the reason, all I know is for me it is a new show and new
beginning and I don't know why it's being changed for the third time and I would not want to get into it.

Your acting is surely going to be compared with Sukriti Khandpal. Does this worry you?
No, it does not worry me. I give respect to both the actresses who played Riddhima before. They have done a fantastic job and people have really appreciated them for that and I just hope to continue that.

You are working with Karan Singh Grover for the second time after Kasauti Zindagi Kii, Please share you off and on-screen chemistry with him?
It was a pleasure to work with him as we have always been very good friends since Kasuati. And it is actually exciting to work with him again. And when I shot with him the first day we just picked up from where we left.

Is recession affecting you life in anyways and what advice would you like to give to our readers about dealing with the recession?

Well it's not really affecting me in any ways. But I think everybody has been hit by it so wise thing to do is to take care of what you have and invest wisely, hold on to the investment that you have got and just keep working. That's the best thing to now.

Given a chance, what would be that one thing, which you would like to change in the television industry?
I think as earlier we used to have seasons of some sitcoms. Like in some foreign serials also we have seasons. I would want someone to try out with.

Any interesting incident, you remember happening on the sets of DMG?
Today it was just my third day so as of now nothing interesting incident has yet happened. And the only interesting thing is that I am working with Karan again and we are really happy working together. And for more interesting stories you will have to wait because I have just started the show.

Which team would you be cheering in this IPL?

Knight Riders would definitely be on my priority list and I will cheer for it because I think they have a very good team and they have all the right qualities to be appreciated.

Tell us something about your future projects. With many tele-stars making big in Bollywood, do you too have plans to step into the world of Bollywood?
Right now I am only doing and concentrating on this show. If you talk about other future plans, I think I don't plan my future and I believe in living in present. Yes, why not even I would like be in Bollywood but only if something interesting comes my way.

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