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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ladai v/s Pyaar : 27th April,2009 NEW PROMO


Sofi said...

Thanks RajKumar for posting the promo...Abhi and Niki def setting the screen on fire...!!!...woohoo...oh gosh...AR throwing thier tantrums again...sort it out AR...!!!

My fav couple AR and AN...for sure...and love the new dill mill gayye screen if u get what I mean with all the main leads...wonder why Atul and Anjali are not standing next to eachother like the other couples...???...!!!

IN NO CENT said...

whats this now armaan and ridhima thi is too much now come on guys dont you know that you both are made for each other then why such fighting and all come on armaan apni ridhima ko mamalo or else if not armaan than ridhima apne armaan se rutho mat use mana lo come on yaar your jodi has been made from the heaven how can you both do this to your self are guys jaan basi hai armaan aur ridhima ki ek dusre ke andar and abhi-niki you both rock together dmg roxxxxxxxxxxxxx

SANIYA said...

oh luv the new dmg screen awesome!!!
so cute!!!
is der a new title wid all of em??
AR wer lukin gr8 out of all
n yeah evn i wonder why atual anjali nt 2gether in tht!!
aniwaiz tht screen impressed me!!
a lot!!

Sofi said...

Oh I hope Saniya that their is a new title with all of them..since Shilpa left they havent bothered to make a title song with all of the actors if u get what I mean...!!! but yeah that screen pic did impress me too...!!!

luck said...

There should be a better story line for AR why always there ego comes in between there love . I somehw cant accept AN as they are repeated KASH scence for them and i do not want my sweet KASH memories to be shared AN

Saniya said...

agree wid luck i do same feel tht
AN story is similiar to Kash
story lyn for AR is entertaining..
i lvu der cute fites..
but der shud nt b too much
n deese cute fites turn to bitter fites..
well b tyeah dey shud listen to each othr
ek baar baat kar ke dekho!!
surely dey can sort it out..

IN NO CENT said...

abhimanyu and nikita look very cute together so thats very good that besides ar theres a story line for other couples also so i agree with sofi and from now onwards armaan and ridhima ke sath saath abhimanyu and nikita have also become my fav. couple in DMG and ar ko achi takkar denge DMG mein abhi-niki whtever it is i love........................ DILL MILL GAYYE KA-JEN ROCK TOGETHER AND AR PLEASE ITS A REQUEST SOLVE OUT YOR PROBLEM SOON. LOVE DMG

Sofi said...

Hey Innocent...I agree with you too...AR should be given a better story-line...coz they are arguing again on petty things...like small issues...and their lack of communication like with the card thing is increasing their problems...!!! and all the other couples do have their own story-lines...!!!

LOLZ...yeah Abhi and Niki are giving AR good competition...KaJen rocking it and AbNik...setting the screen on fire...!!!