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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A mervellous act turned sour for Karan and Nicole

A flawless blind fold act by Karan Singh Grover and Nicole could not fetch them the perfect scores, as the judges felt the blind act was a bluff...

Karan Singh Grover and his choreographer Nicole bounced back to great form this week in Jhalak Dilkhhla Jaa after two not-so-good performances!!

The duo was given the task of performing blind fold, and their Salsa performance on the number 'Sholon Si' was absolutely flawless, but there was a twist to come!!

According to our source, "The judges loved the performance and Vaibhavi even went on to say that they were so excellent that they looked the typical professional dancers on stage. However, things took a U-turn when the judges raised a doubt on the possibility that Nicole could see thro' the blind fold!!".

"Saroj Khan who had even whistled at their performance recollected that the posture of Nicole's head in fact gave them an appearance that she could see everything from below the blindfold. Well, even Juhi Chawla felt the same, and the result was that their perfect scores got lessened as they lost on some valuable points", explains our source.

"Though Nicole tried her best to convince the judges that she could not see anything, the Teen Deviyaan stuck to their observations", adds our khabroo.

The result was that they got 9 marks each from the judges, taking their total tally to 27. "The performance was so marvelous that they should have got their first perfect scores, but the whole excitement was spoiled, courtesy the doubt raised, and the duo had to leave the dance floor disappointed", concludes our source.

Well, this was a simple case of a flawless performance turning sour!!


Shama said...

Karan really rocks this week...

Aqueel said...

Hey!!! they are not lie belive us dugdes..

Karan and Nikol you rikinggggggggggggggggg

LOVE said...

Tanks for sharing...


Anonymous said...

Snehil, KaNi u Rock ur d best. Karan, I think that salsd is ur fotay bcoz everytime in dmg also u hav given ur best. JUDJES R TOOOO PARTIAL. I think so they r biased against Karan bcoz he is d highest vote receiver. Baichung don't need 2 workhard bcoz if he will giv average performance dn too he will get full marks. Karan we hav a faith on u. Karan was d best, he is d best n will remain best.

Saniya said...

i comletely agree wid snehil!!
i really dunno watz de probe of the jdgs wid karan
stupid reasons for cuttin marks tht hpns only wid karan!!
if thy had a doubt thy cud hav chkd the blindfold n evn performed for a while n xperience hw tought it is
nt gud
dey r partial to karan
n m sure Karan wwwwwwwill do such a performance soon tht the jdgs wont hav any reason to cut marks nt evn a lil n he ll get 30
so for me tht 30 ll b his 3rd 30
cuz you're my love ws deservin 30 n evn this 1
i m waitin for his performance
n guys plz vote for him madly n show de jdgs tht v r nt at all agreein wid u!!
wish i cud vote for him bt i live IN UAE

Anonymous said...

Snehil, why judes r sooo partial. On there doubt they can't blame. I can beleive that Karan can flirt, can break rule n do lots of masti etc but can never cheat. Nicole is a professional she was ther in last season too n she knows very well if Karan will not perform well also dn too he will survive dn why they need 2 do cheating? Rajkumar if all d above comment could reach jhalak or judes dn plz do it.