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Saturday, April 11, 2009

My unforgettable memories of Dill Mill Gayye

Finally I have quit Dill Mill Gaye. Initially though every one was shocked with my decision but I thank God that everything is settled now. They have got their new Riddhima and I am looking out for some new projects.

I still remember the very first day of my shoot on Dill Mill Gaye. I was wearing a salwar-suit and that too for the first time in my life. It was an amazing experience. I had curly hair but I got them straightened because Riddhima’s character demanded that. Slowly, I started enjoying myself on the sets and now everyone was my friend. We used to do some unusual things on the sets like singing a song in a child’s voice. This was funny but enjoyable. Once I was told to act like a kid, I did that so well that everyone started praising me.

I will miss Sonia Singh aka Dr. Kirti Mehra, my best friend on the sets of Dill Mill Gaye. We used to go to a restaurant Sheetal Samudra to chill and used to sit there until we were called again. There had been a lot of funny and sad incidents that would take me really long to describe.

Everyone was sad on the last day of my shoot. We are still good friends but the fact is I do not want to work in Dill Mill Gaye again.


luck said...

he how funny dear sukirit we do not want u in dmg again its because of u dmg lost all its charm love and friends just to adjut u in riddhima character but u didi not fade the character but u faded the full dmg. hope jeni bring new spark in the character like shilpa. so bye bye and hope to never c u in dmg nor even in flash back. bye

Anonymous said...

thankyou...........u hav gone

shilpa said...

thanks..............u have gone