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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Boxing Ke Muqable Ke Liye, Dono Hain Tayyar. Dekhna Hai Kiski Hogi Jeet, Aur Kiski Hogi Haar : 4th May, 2009 NEW PROMO



Sofi said...

Thanks for posting Aarti...Abhi should win go Abhi go Abhi...sorry but I really like Armaan but he is wrong this time...Abhi win for Niki man..she is your love...do it for her..and Armaan Ridhima is ur love..so do it for her...canttt wait...but I think that someone might stop the fight...like Shashank or Billy or someone plzzzzz...!...aaaahh

IN NO CENT said...

yaaaaaaa i do agree with sofi armaan and abhi are meant to be good friends because if abhi is in love with niki than he has to maintain his friendship with armaan because without armaan (nikis brotherhood friend)he wold not be able to do anything and yes thats very true that someone should stop the fight but it shold be abhi because niki aur uske friend ki jo galatfamin hai woh sirf abhi he khud dur kar sakta haiand dmg tripm should be raised

Sofi said...

Yeah true say innocent..but I didnt get u when u said that Abhi should stop the fight coz all of Nikis' friends have galatfamin (like u said) and that's what Abhi is trying to do...to prove them wrong..now come on...Armaan shouldnt have doubted Abhi's mardanagi (manhood)...lolz...

Shama said...

may the right man win...

IN NO CENT said...

now dear i cannot get you what didyou said but armaan should win the match but even then abhi-niki look cute together and sofi what i meant to say was that because of nikis wrong thinking that abhi had tried to sell her his friend armaan is fighting for her isnt it but only abhi if says the truth that he did not tried anything wrong than there will be no wrong thinking in anybodies mind and everything would be fine na so thats what i meant to say and sachi jenni dear you rock really oye sofi did you watched jhalak yesterday what ghamandi and ziddy judjes these three are my god they wanted karan to go out this time if you three are so much ziddy than we janta are also ready to give lots and lots of vote to karan ab hum bhi dekhte hain kii howw do you bloody three vote him out fine you do whatever you want to we will keep voting for our armaan and he will be there in the grand finale bloody three.................................DILL MILL GAYYE ROXXX KA-JEN,AN ROXXXXXXXXX

Sofi said...

Aaaaww Innocent..I get u now..I was confused...but thanks for clearing it my confusion...cant wait for dmg 2morrow...hehe...

Yeah Innocent I saw jdj...and oh my gosh...the judges ganged up on Karan and said that they dont see him in the top 5...!! how sad yaar...and the hosts...Sweta and Rohit...ganged up on Nicole saying that 11 weeks were less for her to find out about Karan's talent and the X-factor...how rude...but I am glad that the janta kept Karan in and voted for him...thanks to all the people in India...keep voting for Karan aka Armaan...and hope 2 see Hard Kaur and Karan in the final..

KaJen rock...AbNik rockssssss....and dmg rocksss...!!

P.S...just a quick question in Thursday's epi there was a slide at the bottom saying something in Hindi and I cant read Hindi..can someone plz be kind enough to translate that for me..plz...all I could read was ...12...plz help...thanks..xXx

Saniya said...

hey agree wid u both sofi n innnocent on jdj part!!
well tht ws v rude cant comment more
cuz m tired off writin de same thing again n agian!!
wiat for 2mrw lyk hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
monday plz cum fasst!!!!!!!!!
n yeah karan gt 29 for his upcumin performance
n i want armaan to win both!!!
n Kajen fans join de foolowin link if ur fb users!!
i ll b pleased!!

Sofi said...

Woohoo...29....thanks Saniya...but I am rather sad Karan has never got a full 30..!! anyways..all the best to him..I want him to win JDJ..but want Abhi still to win the fight...hehe..

that's a nice name..KaNic...who came up with that..??...very nice..

and sorry yaar I would love 2 join...but I am not on facebook..!!


P.S...just a quick question again.. in Thursday's epi there was a slide at the bottom saying something in Hindi and I cant read Hindi..can someone plz be kind enough to translate that for me..plz...all I could read was ...12...plz help...thanks..xXx

IN NO CENT said...

thanxxxxxxxx for the info. saniya and for agreang with me and sofi of course but still armaan should win the match and good news he got 29 the 2 time ka-jen rox an roxand sanbiya comp. your sent. baba its armaan and niki rox as good friends pls ridzy and niki stop this fight we want them to be good friends

Anonymous said...

Snehil, Hey! Sofi it was "u can see whole week repeat episode on Friday from 12-2pm." But plz do a favour don't say that abhi shud win.*sorry* Fight must be stopped but armaan shud not loose. We are very agressive wn I comes 2 armaan. I accept that he overreacted but he unaware of d fact that abhi luvs Niki.

Saniya said...

so ditto wid snehil!!
i wonder sumday hw can our thoughts match yaar??
muh ki baat cheen li!!!
luv ya snehil

Sofi said...

Hey Anonymous...r u Snehil..?? Sorry to sound dumb...!!

Thanks for translating the slide for me...mwah..

and ok then...if u say so...Armaan should win coz he is the hero...go Armaan...go Armaan win it man...one time..for Niki...and Ridhima...

Thanks once again...xXx

Anonymous said...

hey guyz .agree wid i snehil.armaan shud win.n sania its a damn gud newz yaar dat karan or rather KANIC got 29.now let d judges speak n even d fools rohit n shweta.i cudn't believe my eyes when i saturday's episode of jdj.omg how can u humiliate somebody like dat yaar?n karan waz soooooooooo honest n patient.i dun think nicole iz wrong.sheiz just so perfect 4 him.i saw jdj blog 2 ppl werw goin crazy abt dis episode.n sania will definitely join d group on fb.shreeya