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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye : Armaan-Abhimanyu's Problem -1st June,2009 NEW PROMO


luck said...

creatives pls take away babli away fm armaan. She is pissing me off. Like after creating misunderstanding betweem them she laughs like a idoit.
An no comments.

riddhima fan said...

i completely agree wid luck.she is really irritating
n poor abhi

waiting for tomorrow eagerly!!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree with luck too.we only wanna see AR.
i hate AN[FALTU JODI].i wanna get rid of this jodi.
i only want AR.i just love them.
AR ROXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX....................................................................

Anonymous said...

Snehil, plz creative don't continue dis shadi track 4 a month n same scenes a girl come and ridzs getting. Considering d longitivity of AR relationship it shud get matured. I can't undrstand y abhi n niks r given more imP dn RAMU N AA. They truely deserve more impORTANCE dn abhi n niks. They r better dn dm in terms of acting n better couple also. AR ROCKS. IT AS BECOME MANTRA 4 US DAT DMG ROCKS.

Dpriya said...

well , i am sorry to say but i slighly differ from some of you . i am also a great fan of karan , but recently we have seen 3 actresses in the role of ridz, which really makes it difficult for the creatives to make the story convincing as well as for us to believe in the story. and for some prev wks the story of armaan and ridz aren't heading anywhere . so for a change i would like to see rahul-muskaan and abhi-nikki story .

after armaan-ridz my number 2 jodi is rahul-muskan .i do love their chemistry .

i also hated abhi when he joined sanjeevani . but now there have been considerate changes in his attitude (for good , of course ). so i have started to like the story of abhi-nikki.

but i do agree that the pari episode should be stopped immediately , it isn't contributing anything to the plot .

for how long will they carry on this shaadi episode ? where is sanjeevani in the story now a days ? i really don't know what the creatives are thinking .

with best wishes

Akash Baral said...

iwant everybody yaaaaar pls come on ar,an,rm,aa all the four of them. if you all guys will stop liking an them they will bring them back in b/w ar so if you guys dont want that pls say that abhi-niki are very good ya thats true they are not better than ar but still they are good all the couples in dill mill gayye are gr8 i love them and don want to see pari again pls creatives its a request