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Monday, May 18, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye Episode Video (18th May, 2009)

High Quality Video Links
Monday, 18th May, 2009-Part-1

Monday, 18th May, 2009-Part-2

Monday, 18th May, 2009-Part-3

Monday, 18th May, 2009-Part-4
Alternate Download Links
Monday, 18th May, 2009-Part-1

Monday, 18th May, 2009-Part-2

Monday, 18th May, 2009-Part-3

Monday, 18th May, 2009-Part-4


Sofi said...

A very cool epi...absolutely loved it...AR so cute...cantttttttttt wait for 2morrow...the precap was just fabbbbbbb...love dmg...and AbNik seems to have increased their fan-following...

I hope that that Bubbly or Pari girl..is not Shubhankar's cousin like Keerti said Shub's cousin is coming to their wedding...!!

Thanks for posting...!!

IN NO CENT said...

did keerti said so i was not able to hear anything because my gr8 stupid bro was disturbing me at that time and now the episode was really awesome and ar and an are soooooooo cute and romantic keep going in and on and on luv you all dill mill gaye roxxxxxxxx ar and an roxxxxxxxxxx

luck said...

armaan is the cutest of all but i feel sry for him as that new female wil b subankar cousin and AR problem.
For AN i feel that they r ok.
Any idea when is jdj finale

Sofi said...

LOLZ..aaww innocent..u r so funny..yup Keerti did say that...!!

and Luck...the jdj finale is on 30th May now it got post-poned b4 it was supposed to happen this weekend 23rd May..!!

IN NO CENT said...

my dear luck remember one thing this is DILL MILL GAYYE not type of k- types and all anyways waitin for tonight and sofi thanx for talking to me by the way are you there in orkut

riddhima fan said...

gr8 episode
but poor armaan is now in a fix

still dmg is rockinggggggggggg:)

Anonymous said...

Snehil, yesterdays dmg was awesom. Loved AR alot n armaan was luking very cute wn he said "kitna gathia honewala pati hoo mein." Nikita is very cunning. MISSING RAMU. I was really worried that wheter our votes will be sufficient infront of BB but as Saniya u hav found a site now International fans can also votes. THANKS ALOT. WE get a return msg after voting see dat u all get it. Many r still not aware on KS blog so plz wnever u cmt mention it. I just want 2 ask that wheter we leaving in India can also vote through dat site as it wud be better to vote as much as we can.

Sofi said...

Hey Luck...no yaar I am not on orkut...!! *sad*...I just come on this blog to chat to you guys...!!

I dont have a google account...!!

Saniya said...

yup u can snehil...
i luvd dis epi!!!
it ws fantabilous....
obv armaan rocked it!!!
i cant wait for 2 day!!!
OMG aftr seeing de precap.... m juss singin evry tym...my dil goes hmm....
OH GOD cant wait 4 2day!!!!11
guys log on to ks.india-forums.com
to interact wid karan shraddha...THE GROVERZZ...
N THE voting site actually sms site is www.wadja.com