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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye...Dangerous Fight In Boxing Ring : NEW PROMO



Sofi said...

Thanks for the promo Aarti...!

Armaan Armaan Armaan Armaan go Armaan u should win now..!! Abhi should lose...and then Niki can take care of him...go Armaan...Armaan Armaan...!!

luck said...

i really hope that match is a tie. Or nt than armaan wins as i cant see him loosing never ever and day by day he is getting hotter armaan body is perfect and i do nt like abhi body its huge compared to face

Saniya said...

guys u r gr8
so agree wid u!!
bt feel sad 4 armaan while watchin dis wnder wht will i feel whn m watchin de epi!!!
n armaan go win!!!
armaan armaan armaan armaan ar maan
n luck evn i cant see armaan losin
n yeah Sofi abhi shud b admitted thn nikki ll take care of him tht ll b nyc!!
wonder wht will shanky do after those injuries!!
dmg rox!!!!!!

IN NO CENT said...

yes even i want either armaan should win the match or else there should be a tie. how can armaan get bleeding from his head come on .........no more pls ab thoda abhi-niki ka dikhana chahiye but sereiously yaar armaan and ridhima are realy rocking and from now onwards even abhi and niki together dill mill gayye roxxxxxxxxxx