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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fight Between Sunaina Gulia (Dr. Anjali) and Pankit Thakker (Dr. Atul)

A recent misunderstanding between Sunaina Gulia and Pankit Thakker seems to have affected their friendship... Read to know more..

The on-screen fights of Dr. Atul and Dr. Anjali in Star One's Dill Mill Gayye
became a reality when a certain misunderstanding lead to a fight between Sunaina Gulia ( Dr. Anjali) and Pankit Thakker (Dr. Atul).

According to our source, "The Dill Mill Gayye team has been shooting back to back as they do not have enough episode banks. One day, it so happened that the entire cast was getting ready to pack up when the production house requested Shweta Gulati, Pankit and Sunaina to stay back for a particular scene. The trio readily agreed to finish the scene and all was fine".

"But in the middle of the shot, Sunaina heard Pankit and Shweta (Dr. Nikita) talking and believed that Pankit was bad-mouthing her. Sunaina immediately grew wild and blasted at Pankit. There was a big chaos on sets and as a result of this, both the actors are not on talking terms", explains our source.

When contacted Pankit aka Dr. Atul, he said that, "I am sure that I wasn't at fault here. I refuse to accept this behavior by someone".

We got in touch with Sunaina aka Dr. Anjali who quoted, "This is very personal. We have worked together for so long a time now, and such things tend to happen. But all is fine now, and we still share a good working relationship".

Well, wonder whether things are really fine between the two!! Only time will tell…


Sofi said...

Oh no that's no good..!! Hope they sort it out...!! come on guys..AA...it happens...take it eazeeeeeee now...!

Hope 2 see ur love-track soon..but then in the new screen pic u guys r not even standing together..!!..??..*sad*

All the best thou..!!

IN NO CENT said...

pls guys at least for us dont do these fighting and all come on now sort it out you and what sunaina is correct rite that all misunderstandings are finished and every thing is fine hope to see you two together soon luv ya see ya