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Thursday, May 21, 2009

'I Am Happy To Have My Natural Hair In The Show : Agle Janam...' - Sukriti Khandpal

Sukriti Khandpal has come a long way from being the girl in micro minis in Jersey No. 10 to playing the complex character in Agle Janam..

Sukriti Khandpal has come a long way from being the hot girl seen in micro minis in Jersey No. 10 to playing the complex character of Siddheshwari in Zee TV's Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, produced by Swastik Pictures.

Talking about her journey, the actress says, "Yes, it is hard to believe that I have had a variety when it comes to my roles. People close to me keep saying that I am lucky to have got different characters to portray in just a few years. I cherish Jersey No. 10 as it was my launch vehicle on television. And then came Dill Mill Gayye which gave me enormous popularity. Agle Janam makes me happy as it is a kind of role that I always wanted to play".

The one aspect she likes in her present character of Siddheshwari in Agle Janam is that she is allowed to keep her curly hair on screen. "It's a totally different avatar here, but the biggest plus is that I have my natural hair in my show (smiles). I had some initial problems managing the sari and heavy jewelry, but I have now got adjusted to it", quips the girl.

On her role in the Zee show, Sukriti verbalizes, "Siddheshwari surely appears to be a childish character, who is always interested in her hair, makeup, jewels etc. Basically, she loves to get all decked up. But there is much more to her character, as she feels upset over the fact that she is not able to give the family a heir. Though she does not allow her emotions to come to the fore, there will come a stage when she will start missing her husband. I really do not know what the creatives have in store for future, but mine is certainly a character which will have a long journey with varied emotions to portray".

Sukriti simply loves the production house and her co-actors. "Sushmitaji is very sweet; we all have a great time on the sets. I like sharing screen space with Ratan and Abhishek", she states.

The actress is excited over the fact that Agle Janam has been setting new records with its TRPs. "I have always got good shows, and I am glad that I am part of this show which is soaring high in numbers", quips the beautiful lady.

She wants to focus on Agle Janam as of now, so that she gets enough time to be with her family. "My mother was bit unwell for the past few days, and my sister is also on the road to recovery. So I want to spend my leisure time at home, being of help to them. But having said this, if any strong character comes my way, I don't mind taking it in addition to Agle Janam", concludes Sukriti.


Aqueel said...

she looks sexy...hiiiii

Shama said...

nice u rox

Ajay said...

ya she looking woooooooo. but bakwas acting

ankita said...

she looking nice. but she's acting is not good

Dpriya said...

everything is ok ,but i didn't like her comments regarding DMG after leaving the show.at first she was misearable,then she improved,and she became convincing in the role of ridz lately,but then she left.i think she never loved the serial whole-heartedly.that is not a very pleasant news to us(the loyal fans of DMG).anyway,best wishes to sukirti.

Anonymous said...

i think she is not good at heart

riddhima fan said...

she never liked dmg but was only using it to shoot to fame:(