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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sindhi Food Love Of Sindhi Girl Muskaan Mehani

Muskaan Mehani aka Jugni is a vegetarian and relishes Sindhi cuisine. She claims that she does not have a sweet tooth but can always have kheer and rabri cooked by her mom.

Read on as she shares her diet and also reveals her mom’s secret recipe of kheer.

Is food the elixir of life? Yes, we work for food. Food is very important to survive.

Are you a foodie? No, my mom has to run behind me to make me eat.

Are you a veg or non-veg? Vegetarian.

Favourite cuisine: I am a Sindhi so I like Sindhi food a lot.

Favourite dish: Sai Bhaji and Pasta

Favourite restaurant: Orchid – Santacruz (East)

A must at my breakfast table… It has to be different everyday. Sometimes I have sprouts and milk and sometimes cornflakes and rusk.

Sugar or Sugarfree for my tea/coffee… Tea without sugar.

Lunch generally consists of… It has to be home cooked and a complete meal which consists of rotis, sabzi, dal , curd and salad .

For high tea I have… fruits

Dinner generally consists of… Only soup . I avoid heavy meals after sunset.

Dessert delights… I don’t have a sweet tooth but yes I can always have rabri and kheer cooked by my mom.

One thing I can't resist… Chocolate chikki

My favourtie drink (non-alcoholic)… I avoid fizzy drinks. My favourite drink is lime juice.

My favourite drink (alcoholic)… I don’t drink.

For a date I… to eat something very light. Pasta will be the best for a date.

At parties I have… I don’t eat at parties. I only drink juice if I go to a party.

Experiment with food? I don’t like to experiment with food.

Most unusual dish I've tasted… Karela.

On the streets, I love to have… Pani puri

One place I would never eat again… Moti Mahal - Bandra

Do you cook? Yes, but very rarely

Your favourite recipe… Sabudana Kheer.

Ingredients :-

1 litre milk ,1 cup sugar,1 cup water ,1 cup sago (sabudana),1 tsp cashew nut,1 tsp raisins

Method :-

Wash and drain the sago and add to milk. Boil till milk thickens.Dissolve the sugar in water and add to the milk. Cook on medium heat stirring continuously, till thick.

Garnish with cashew nuts and raisins. Chill and serve.
source: tc


Shama said...

Me too love sabu kheer...
lots of love 4 muskaan...
good luck...

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IN NO CENT said...

after so many days oh my gosh keep rocking girl