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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

“There is a lot more to me than acting”- Mayank Anand

That would be Dr. Rahul Grewal from Dill Mill Gayye; the one who gets the hearts of girls to skip a beat. You don’t have to go too far to find that out…for his facebook profile is filled with laudatory comments on a daily basis. Also, very lately, he was called back on the show, on popular demand, from the break that he had taken to write his book.

Yes, while he was busy writing his first [yet to be published] book titled “Love from the Sidelines’, his fans were busy signing petitions to be sent to the producers. Now that’s called a strong fan following.

But he doesn’t let the fame get to his head and indulges in various creative forms of expression. Acting, writing and another one being painting. He jokes about following Mayankism [instead of Buddhism, Hinduism etc] while working on his Shiv Shakti series of paintings.

A humble Xavierte, Mayank did his schooling from Bishop Cotton in Shimla, after which he completed his graduation in English Literature, English Writing and Theatre performance from Knox College in the US.

The jovial Mayank thinks it’s the accent that he shipped back along with him that gets him the NRI roles. For, in his show Hotel Kingston on Star One, he played an NRI boy friend. The recent track on Dill Mill Gaye has him come back from the US too. Apart from the NRI roles he managed to perform well in Hello Dollie on Star Plus, Bombay Talking on Zee Café and Na Na Karte [ a telefilm] on Star One. All this talent also helped him in his VJing on the Cinesong show on Zee Music.

As if acting, writing and painting wasn’t enough you would also find Mayank pick up white canvas shoes and redesign them. His designing flair probably stems from the jobs that he did while in US. He worked as an assistant art director in an advertising firm in Chicago while his articles, theatre reviews, poems and short stories got published in various magazines and newspapers in the US. He also designed and built custom made furniture in the US and conceptualized and designed sets for various plays in the US alongside.

Characterized by originality and expressiveness, the creative tasks are his way of uncluttering his mind. If variety is the spice of life, this guy certainly leads one tasty life.

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IN NO CENT said...

hey dude keep rockin man