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Friday, June 26, 2009

Karan Grover's Not Shifting Yet To Films...

Amidst rumours that Karan Grover is leaving Dill Mill Gayye, the actor confirms that he’s still very much a part of the show that’s made him a
Karan Grover
Karan Grover
household name.

“I’m not leaving the show. TV was my first love and will always remain my first love,” he says. But that doesn’t mean he’s not working towards getting into films. “I have never said that I am leaving TV to do films, since it’s television that has helped me gain popularity. Shifting to films is adding to my resume, another way of entertaining my audience. In any field, everyone wants to move up in their career and it’s the same for me,” he explains.

But doesn’t it bother him that so many TV actors have had to return to television after not making it in Bollywood? “It does not bother me at all when TV stars don’t do well on screen since I only think about my personal career and I don’t get influenced by other people’s achievements or lack of it,” he adds. Guess that would put an end to all the rumours!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Time To Go?

Source : India times

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Dill Mill Gayye (A-R & A-N Problem) - 22 June,2009 PRECAP VIDEO

Dill Mill Gayye Set For A Change

Star One channel driven show, Dill Mill Gayye is all set for a change.
Recently it was reported that Dr. Arma
an (Karan Singh Grover) might leave the show. Well the recent development is that you may see the new faces and change in title of the show too. As per our source from the production house, “The show is not going off air but we are planning to bring in some changes like, may be the change in title and also new interns.”

Elaborating on the plans our khabroo adds, “It’s still not sure as the producers and channel are in talks about the same. Things are in the very initial stages. No one is allowed to talk about it.” Are the audition for the new interns have started? “As I said it’s very earlier to talk about. Right now the creative of the show is planning of how to take the story ahead. The love track between Dr. Rahul and Muskaan is yet to start.
Alongside the marriage of Riddhima-Armaan is also what has been planned,” chirps the source.

“Karan is all set to start with his film soon thus he wont be able to give more time. May be DMG can go on a seasonal break and come back with some freshness. But it will take long,” concludes the source. So let’s wait and watch of what happens next. Keep watching this space for more on DMG.
Courtesy : oneindia

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Will Karan Singh leave Dill Mill Gayye?

There is a big news doing the rounds that Dill Mill Gayye’s heartthrob Karan Singh Grover will soon be leaving the show. But before his fans begin to shed tears we wish to inform them that hottie Karan may be opting out of the show in as his film is scheduled for a July launch. Moreover it is also heard that Karan Singh’s cousin Jas Karan may also be a part of the film.

A source informed, “There is no doubt that Karan is a very good actor and Dill Mill Gayye took his career to the top but now Karan seems to be least interested in doing the show.”

Further the source added, “As reported by reporter there will be new interns entering the show soon and Karan’s appearances will start decreasing. After replacing Riddhima twice it now appears that it is Armaan’s turn.”

We contacted producer Siddharth Malhotra who said, “I seriously don’t know about it nor has Karan informed me, so I have no clue about the news.”

We also tried calling Karan but he remained unavailable.

Let’s hope the audience gets its cake and eats it too…continues to watch Karan in Dill Mill Gayye as well as get to see him in his flick.

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