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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jennifer Winget Like Home Made Food

Jennifer Winget could be termed as the dream girl of many young guys. The vivacious actress is looking stunning and beautiful with her character of Dr. Riddhima in Dill Mill Gayye. We called the actor to know her secret of this freshness and fitness in her life.

“There is nothing much to say, but all I can tell is that I try to be different in all the shows that I act in. It’s challenging for me to bring something new every time,” says Jennifer.

The actress is looking much slimmer as compared to her past shows. Has she toned down for her role in DMG? “Well it was not exactly for the role, but I like to discover my new side in each show that I take up,” she adds.

When asked about her fitness and freshness secret, she reveals, “To be frank enough, there is no secret about the same, nor am I on a diet and starving to look thinner. It’s just that now, I have started giving more attention to my mind, body and soul.”

“There is no diet food for me, as I know I eat like a pig. I just love sweets, junk food and I do pounce on that regularly, but at the same time I do my exercise regularly and have ghar ka khanna (Home Made Food)made by my mom. With that I drink lots of vegetable juice which helps me to be fresh throughout the day,” she chirps.

She loves to eat the food cooked by her mom. It’s a big no-no for her having the on-set food. “I get my dabba from home and love to have fish and chicken curry made by my mom. With proper eating habits I also see to it that my body gets proper rest, one needs to take a good sleep and I always follow that,” she concludes.

So viewers get set and go if you want to look as beautiful as Dr. Riddhima.

Armaan Close Toward Riddhima - 30 July, 2009 Precap Video

I Have Never Visited A Porn Site: Jennifer Winget

Bubbly actress Jennifer Winget, who plays Dr. Riddhima Gupta in STAR One’s Dill Mill Gaye, unwinds with Indya.
What are your favourite perfumes?
“I don’t stick to one perfume, it keeps changing. Right now, my favourite perfume is DKNY Black Cashmere Mist.”

Where do you shop? “It does not necessarily have to be in stores, I also shop on the streets of Bandra or anywhere I travel. I am a shopping complete freak.

Where are your favourite holiday destinations?
Where do you hang out? “Whenever I have some spare time, I love to go for a massage. And, for a long time, I have been going to Aroma Garden.”

Tell us about a crazy incident you’ve experienced. “There was a time when I went shopping in Malaysia. When the bill came, I could not find my wallet and everyone was hunting for it. I had to finally keep all the stuff back and leave. But, luckily, I found my wallet later and went back to the shop. It was an embarrassing experience.”

How often you surf the internet? “When I need some information I log on to the net, or I use it on my phone.”

Have you ever visited a porn site? “No, I have never visited a porn site.”

What TV shows do you watch? “I am very fond of cartoon shows, especially The Simpsons.”

How many boys have you dated till now? “No comments.”

Have you ever got naughty with someone in a theater? “No, I just watch the film and come out.”

Who are the hottest actor and actress on TV today? “It’s Salman Khan, and there is no other actress except for me on TV.”

What do you think about Rakhi Ka Swayamvar? It’s a very personal decision and I have nothing to say about it. If she wants to marry on the show, it’s her idea, I am OK with it. But I have never watched the show.”
“In India I love to go to Delhi. I love Bombay as it is a blend of everything one would look for. Outside India, I like London and Bangkok. Though London is a bit expensive the experience is amazing.”

Dill Mill Gayye Episode Video - 29th July, 2009 Update

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Wednesday, 29th July, 2009-Part-2

Wednesday, 29th July, 2009-Part-3

Wednesday, 29th July, 2009-Part-4

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Good News!!! Dill Mill Gayye Extended Upto Friday Now

Check out the latest two Dill Mill Gayye promos that is clearly showing that from Next Week Dill Mill Gayye will be aired from Monday to Friday

Phir Se Armaan Aur Riddhima Mein Takkar...

Abhi Aur Nikki Mein Pyaar Ka Izhaar...

Riddhima Try To Bring Back Armaan's Memory: SBS 25th July, 09 Video

Courtesy: Saas Bahu aur Sazish, Star News, India

Friday, July 24, 2009

Step Aside, Ladies !!!

From who you ask? Well, it’s none other than the small screen men who too are doing their bit to make their presence felt.

Unlike earlier when the men were mere props, their roles are becoming progressively bigger and stronger in the scheme of things. Arjun Punj of Kitani Mohabbat Hai, Alekh and Ranveer of Sapna Babul Ka... Bidaai, Naitik of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Dharamraj Mahiyavanshi of Bandini, Jogi Thakur of Uttaran,
Dr. Armaan of Dill Mill Gayye are almost as important, if not more, as their female counterparts. And when it comes to screen presence, characterisation and presentation, male actors are no more getting the raw deal.

Rajan Shahi, producer of shows like Sapna Babul Ka... Bidaai and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai admits that TV shows are taking a fresh approach to storytelling, specially when it comes to male actors. “The male angle has become quite prominent and that’s because of the new understanding and acceptance by the audience,” he says.

Shahi says that now, the men on TV not just react to situations, they create situations as well. One reason for this, according to him, is that TV has explored every facet of women and some serials have reduced them to either Sita or a vamp. “There’s over-saturation and that’s where the men come in,” he says. Pawan Shankar, who played the male protagonist in Vicky Ki Taxxi asks, “If films can work with male leads, why not TV?” He adds that as the saas-bahu culture no longer remains the focus, it’s content that’s king on TV. “Even though there is a girl, there has to be a guy to take the relationship forward,” he avers.
Karan Grover, who plays the popular Dr. Armaan in Dill Mill Gayye, is also happy with this trend and gives his own reason for the same. “Majority of the TV audience is women and I’m sure they would want to see more of men than women on TV,” he says. Even though the men are getting their share of the pie now, they still have a long way to go, specially when it comes to marketing strategies. “The hoardings and promos still focus on the women,” says Shahi. Agrees Pawan, “The guys are important to the show but the marketing still tilts in favour of the females. The ladies still drive the show there.” Guess the fairer sex doesn’t want to give up their crown so easily!

Two New Temporary Entery In Dill Mill Gayye

Veteran actors Sulbha Arya and Mushtaq Khan will enter Star One's Dill Mill Gayye next week..

Star One's Dill Mill Gayye will have two new entries in the coming week with the parents of Sumalatha Dalmiya (Deepali Pansare) getting on board.

Sumalatha who assists Dr. Abhimanyu Modi (Amit Tandon) in his New Delhi project will have her parents visiting her.

According to our source, "Veteran actor Sulbha Arya who was recently seen playing a cameo in Ghar Ki Baat Hai will be seen in the show for 4-5 episodes. She plays the mother of Sumalatha while noted actor Mushtaq Khan plays the girl's father".

We called Sulbha Arya who confirmed her presence in the show. "I am playing the role of Sumalatha's mother. Mine is a cameo lasting 4-5 episodes. It is great working with the unit of Dill Mill Gayye".

The duo will be entering sometime next week...

With the entry of Mushtaq and Kantaben aka Sulbha Arya, we surely are going to see some rib-tickling comedy in the show.

New Child Character(Shparsh) Enters In Dill Mill Gayye

Courtesy: Saas Bahu aur Sazish, Star News, India

Monday, July 20, 2009

Karan Grover In Gagini Style: SBS Video

Dill Mill Gayye Episode Video - 20th July, 2009 Update

Monday, 20th July, 2009-Part-1

Monday, 20th July, 2009-Part-2

Monday, 20th July, 2009-Part-3

Dill Mill Gayye Star Now In A Film!

Karan Singh Grover of Dill Mill Gayye fame is now looking forward to his big screen debut. The film is called Bhaag Johnny and is to be directed by Deepak Tijori.

Mumbai Mirror reports that in the film Karan will romance three women of whom on is said to be a firang. The paper says that the girls who will star opposite Karan in Bhaag Johnny include Shruti Agarwal and Natasha Suri.

Apparently, Vikram Bhatt whose film it is, told the paper that he selected Karan after seeking his daughter's approval.

"My daughter and her friends are hooked to Karan’s show (Dill Mill Gaye) and I had also seen him on the reality dance show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa," he told the paper.

Deepak Tijori too confirmed the news. "We have been looking for a lead actor for some time. We wanted an actor who could carry off the film and carry out a romantic sequence just as well as comedy or action," he was quoted by the paper as saying.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dill Mill Gaye is closest to my heart - Mayank Anand

Some time back, rumours had it that Mayank Anand Aka Dr. Rahul from Dill Mill Gaye had left the popular show. Even after clarifying a number of times, his fans found it hard to digest that he was away on a break to write his new book “Love From the Sidelines’ a story of a girl in love with a married man.

They just didn’t give up as easily! In a truly inspiring style, petitions were signed for him to be bought back to the show and his Facebook profile was flooded with requests to come back. The channel too received tons of fan mails and faced the audience’s wrath. Mayank makes it clear though that he had not quit because of any other reason and the show is as close to his heart as anything could be. “Out of all the projects that I have done so far, Dill Mill Gaye has been the closet to my heart.” Says Mayank.

When he talks about the show being “close to heart,’ he also includes his co-actors. No there are no love stories happening with love interest of the show Muskaan despite their chemistry catching a lot of attention. “We are all very good friends. We turn to each other for advice.” He also adds about his co-stars on the show, “Karan and I are great friends. Sunaina is one of the most fun girls I have met and Ayaz is the zaniest of the lot! He comes across all serious on screen but is frankly the one who is behind all the pranks on the sets,” adds Mayank, talking about his colleagues.

Mayank incidentally is currently on hunt for a publisher for his book, which is keeping him busy apart from his shooting schedules. This guy is truly a creative genius. Guess what. He still finds time to paint amongst all this. With all that creativity oozing out of him we are sure he always has something up his sleeves.

Dill Mill Gayye Episode Video - 14th July, 2009 Update

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Tuesday, 14th July, 2009-Part-2

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Tuesday, 14th July, 2009-Part-4

Monday, July 13, 2009

Abhimanyu In Jail And Armaan In Patti- 14 July,2009 PRECAP

Dill Mill Gayye Episode Video - 13th July, 2009 Update

Monday, 13th July, 2009-Part-1

Monday, 13th July, 2009-Part-2

Monday, 13th July, 2009-Part-3
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Monday, 13th July, 2009-Part-2

Monday, 13th July, 2009-Part-2

Monday, 13th July, 2009-Part-3

Dr. Armaan aka Karan Singh Grover loses memory in Star One's Dill Mill Gayye

Dr. Armaan aka Karan Singh Grover loses memory in Star One's Dill Mill Gayye... This is the latest twist in offer to the audience..

Star One's Dill Mill Gayye, produced by Cinevistaas will see a major twist wherein Dr. Armaan (Karan Singh Grover) meets with an accident and loses his memory.

Yes, you heard it right!! Dr. Armaan who meets with an accident remembers his first day at Sanjeevni, but forgets all that happened in his life in the next two years!!

According to our source, "A whole new phase will begin in Armaan's life wherein he does not remember anything. He feels that he has just joined Sanjeevni, and interacts with all in the same way as we saw him doing, when he actually joined the hospital years back.. The all-responsible Armaan is gone, and viewers will see the flirtatious, bindaas Armaan again. He literally repeats everything, including his flirtatious behavior with Anjali. He does not recognize his love, Riddhima (Jennifer Winget) as she was a late entry into the hospital and was not present with him on day one".

"This will leave Riddhima dazzled, but she initially does not believe that Armaan has lost memory. Even after Dr. Shashank explaining to her about Armaan's problem, she still thinks that Armaan is playing a prank on her, and there is nothing much to it. But the fact is that he has indeed lost his memory of two years!!", adds our source.

Confirming this news to us, Amitabh Raina, Creative Director of the show states, "Viewers will see everything all over again, with Armaan losing his memory. Once Riddhima gets to know about his condition, she will be determined to win over Armaan, and make him fall in love with her again. There will be hilarious moments, where all the interns mention about Riddhima, but Armaan just does not know who the girl is. All the interns and the unit members in the hospital will be clearly told by Dr. Shashank about the mental state of Armaan, and they join hands in dealing with their new Armaan. This interesting phase will ultimately lead to a new love story brewing between the couple, Armaan and Riddhima".

There will also be a cameo performance coming from popular writer Gautam Hegde who will be seen in a typical Mehmood of Padosan look. "There was a scene shown earlier wherein a dead body enters the hospital, and all believe that Armaan is dead. We will be showing this character now. He is basically a con man who will stay in the hospital to escape from the clutches of police. Gautam Hegde's cameo of 8-12 episodes will add on to the comic element of the show", states Amitabh.

We tried calling Karan Singh Grover, but he remained unavailable for comments..

Dr. Armaan's comeback to the hospital in his new avtar will be shown this Wednesday, July 15th…

Well, are you all excited to see a new Armaan in his popular old avtar???