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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dill Mill Gaye is closest to my heart - Mayank Anand

Some time back, rumours had it that Mayank Anand Aka Dr. Rahul from Dill Mill Gaye had left the popular show. Even after clarifying a number of times, his fans found it hard to digest that he was away on a break to write his new book “Love From the Sidelines’ a story of a girl in love with a married man.

They just didn’t give up as easily! In a truly inspiring style, petitions were signed for him to be bought back to the show and his Facebook profile was flooded with requests to come back. The channel too received tons of fan mails and faced the audience’s wrath. Mayank makes it clear though that he had not quit because of any other reason and the show is as close to his heart as anything could be. “Out of all the projects that I have done so far, Dill Mill Gaye has been the closet to my heart.” Says Mayank.

When he talks about the show being “close to heart,’ he also includes his co-actors. No there are no love stories happening with love interest of the show Muskaan despite their chemistry catching a lot of attention. “We are all very good friends. We turn to each other for advice.” He also adds about his co-stars on the show, “Karan and I are great friends. Sunaina is one of the most fun girls I have met and Ayaz is the zaniest of the lot! He comes across all serious on screen but is frankly the one who is behind all the pranks on the sets,” adds Mayank, talking about his colleagues.

Mayank incidentally is currently on hunt for a publisher for his book, which is keeping him busy apart from his shooting schedules. This guy is truly a creative genius. Guess what. He still finds time to paint amongst all this. With all that creativity oozing out of him we are sure he always has something up his sleeves.

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Dpriya said...

yes , i like RAHUL a lot .
carry on the good work !

nice article .