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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye Episode Video - 16th July, 2009 Update

Thursday, 16th July, 2009-Part-1

Thursday, 16th July, 2009-Part-2

Thursday, 16th July, 2009-Part-3

Thursday, 16th July, 2009-Part-4


luck said...

absolutely fab epi. epi of the week
nw just waiting for every one to knw the truth and there reaction.
hope the cretaive manage to get back the track soon.
armman mallik welcome back

Anonymous said...

Snehil, D whole week shows were irritating. Really, I didn't watch yesterdays show though I got d chance 2 watch it. First time in whole dmg's history I felt dat Armaan was doing overacting while interacting wid abhi. It was looking lik ammy is abnormal. Dat patient he had cause a headache 2 me. But loved d end part only. Every1 need 2 be serious its an height of fun at such serious situation . But my ammy is not looking as cool as b4 in new haircut. Its a request 2 creative plz don't spoil dmg, It is d only show I watch. I hav watched Rakhi ka swayamwar, It was really fun 2 watch it n I started thinking dat agar Karan ka swayamvar hota to wat wud hav happened... I know he is already married dn too if he was unmarried dn... (No offence 2 ny1 I really lik Shradha)

riddhima fan said...

armaan welcome back but y was he overacting while talking to abhi but the rest was good
hope creatives have smething in their mind to bring back dmg

n pls anonymous dont compare dmg wid rakhi ka swamvyar
dmg will b far more better than it at any cost

Anonymous said...

Snehil, Riddhima fan, I can never think also 2 compare dmg wid Rakhi ka Swayamvar. I was watching dat show RS 4 fun n dmg mean more dn a show 2 me. I was just wondering dat agar "Karan ka swaymvar hota" dn wat wud hav happened n just thought 2 share wid u all. DMG ROCKSSS.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit serial.. watch Tarak Mehta.. no 1 Tv serial..

luck said...

then Anonymous please you carry on that tarak mehta serial. why waste time on bull shit serial.

SNEHIL said...


IN NO CENT said...

i agree with all of you now i think dmg is coming back to its track and ridhima now its your turn to get back your armaan to you armaan has done so much now its your turn girl all the besr dmg roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and karan pls its a request grow your hair pls