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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye Episode Video - 29th July, 2009 Update

Wednesday, 29th July, 2009-Part-1

Wednesday, 29th July, 2009-Part-2

Wednesday, 29th July, 2009-Part-3

Wednesday, 29th July, 2009-Part-4


Anonymous said...

2day wn ammy said dat "un sab ko mera pyar..." I felt lik he is saying 4 me n started blushing, smiling n givng all sort of xpreson. My mom was lik iska to kuch karna padega. Rajkumar, thanku 4 d invaluable service u provide without ny selfishmotive. Ur xtremly r8 ammy's memry loss shud must hav givn more prirority. Be4 I use 2 think d script but due 2 my hectic shedule I don't get time. But I wud lik 2 giv a suggestion, 1stly lik our economy der shud be layoff in dmg n patient shud be 4 temporary not 4 prmanent basis. It wud be g8 if der is a suggeston cntr 4 dmg n creative pay some attention 2wards it. DMG ROCKS. -SNEHIL.

Rajkumar said...

You r welcome

luck said...

yeah agree anonymous i agree to you when he said that i told him the same i love you too.

and for today epi " SANJEEVANI ZOO SINDABAD"

and above all thanx rajkumar for all the effort you take.

but seriously please if you can tell the creative to close susu an track is like a tortue to watch and nw show the friendship between atul armman rahul and love between the couple.

IN NO CENT said...

yup yesterdays episode was gr8 i loved it waiting for tonight and friday dmg roxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

rajkumar jab tum wo section bana lo to plz inform karna