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Monday, July 13, 2009

Dr. Armaan aka Karan Singh Grover loses memory in Star One's Dill Mill Gayye

Dr. Armaan aka Karan Singh Grover loses memory in Star One's Dill Mill Gayye... This is the latest twist in offer to the audience..

Star One's Dill Mill Gayye, produced by Cinevistaas will see a major twist wherein Dr. Armaan (Karan Singh Grover) meets with an accident and loses his memory.

Yes, you heard it right!! Dr. Armaan who meets with an accident remembers his first day at Sanjeevni, but forgets all that happened in his life in the next two years!!

According to our source, "A whole new phase will begin in Armaan's life wherein he does not remember anything. He feels that he has just joined Sanjeevni, and interacts with all in the same way as we saw him doing, when he actually joined the hospital years back.. The all-responsible Armaan is gone, and viewers will see the flirtatious, bindaas Armaan again. He literally repeats everything, including his flirtatious behavior with Anjali. He does not recognize his love, Riddhima (Jennifer Winget) as she was a late entry into the hospital and was not present with him on day one".

"This will leave Riddhima dazzled, but she initially does not believe that Armaan has lost memory. Even after Dr. Shashank explaining to her about Armaan's problem, she still thinks that Armaan is playing a prank on her, and there is nothing much to it. But the fact is that he has indeed lost his memory of two years!!", adds our source.

Confirming this news to us, Amitabh Raina, Creative Director of the show states, "Viewers will see everything all over again, with Armaan losing his memory. Once Riddhima gets to know about his condition, she will be determined to win over Armaan, and make him fall in love with her again. There will be hilarious moments, where all the interns mention about Riddhima, but Armaan just does not know who the girl is. All the interns and the unit members in the hospital will be clearly told by Dr. Shashank about the mental state of Armaan, and they join hands in dealing with their new Armaan. This interesting phase will ultimately lead to a new love story brewing between the couple, Armaan and Riddhima".

There will also be a cameo performance coming from popular writer Gautam Hegde who will be seen in a typical Mehmood of Padosan look. "There was a scene shown earlier wherein a dead body enters the hospital, and all believe that Armaan is dead. We will be showing this character now. He is basically a con man who will stay in the hospital to escape from the clutches of police. Gautam Hegde's cameo of 8-12 episodes will add on to the comic element of the show", states Amitabh.

We tried calling Karan Singh Grover, but he remained unavailable for comments..

Dr. Armaan's comeback to the hospital in his new avtar will be shown this Wednesday, July 15th…

Well, are you all excited to see a new Armaan in his popular old avtar???


FAME said...

I wish to regain that sweet ,cute lovey dovey scenes but now Ridzi's side.She will make efforts to let him fall for her .Its Ridz's turn to prove her love.Always Armaan tried to win her now she will do same .excited to see next episodes.

Shilpian said...

haha seriously! what has DMG come to? i really feel bad for people who still watch this shit! thank god i DONT

SANJANA said...

Hello friendz....oh wow............. now it seems like. ridhima will be after armi & armaan would be like no bhav...........

gr8......... old dmg is bck

Shama said...

real shockING NEWS

Anonymous said...

no.........plzzz i don want the whole story to be repeated i love this armaan more than puraane wala armaan......plzz plzz plzz don do that......i beg..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(( :(( :((

Ketaki said...

oo gawd...Armaan looses memory..hehe..isnt this a bit too ekta-ish..nevertheless..i had started watching DMG again with some expectations..i hope it wud be fun to watch old DMG come back to life..but i guess the only thing missing this time wud b the patients!!..

plzz creatives...it wud b great if u cud, for once, watch the old episodes of DMG yourself...u know its gud to see some patients being cured, for a change..plzz creatives..give it thought..

hey rajkumar..hi aarti..its been such a long time..how r u??

but thank god ..that rumours regarding Karan's exit from the show were a hoax!!life..n DMG without Karan wud b miserable!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello dear ketaki, finely you are back huuu.. Well good to see u bk again. M totely fine, having fun but we miss u yaar on facebook. What about u? Kaha thi itene din? Its such a long time to appear.
For our dmg it totely pakau when shilpa leaved...With Shilpa the real nature of romance and comedy totely gone. Lets see what happen to make it repeat story by creaters. We have lot of hops to creaters should success with their experiment.
Best of luck for luck you realy need it this time.
Have fun n enjoy of entertainmet of show.

Anonymous said...

Snehil, Its seems lik saas bahu soap loosing d memory. WoW! Now, we will get 2 c real Armaan not Patnivrata Ammy. I agree dat He did mistake but He too has his selfrepsect. Now again I will fall in love wid Armaan but Its my pleasure N again ammy in double SHirt. But on 1st day Ridzi was present n b4 dat they met on basketball port so how he is not able 2 remembr his luv. I agree wid u Ketaki creative need 2 involve some pratical cases. After long u r here Ketaki, gud to see u. Shilpian u don't need 2 bad on us, we still njoy dmg. I was thinking dat dmg is going 2 end so my heart was crying but brain was hapi bcoz I can concentrate on my studies so now also I hav a mixed feeling. But dmg Rocks.

prerna said...

this is good as well as bad-

good to see flirtatious armaan
bad that their shaadi will b postponed

pls tell me who is this shilpian
insulting dmg on its website only

Dpriya said...

it was nice to read your comments after such a long time . actually i don't watch DMG ( my one-time fav serial , can you imagine ??) now a days. only read the posts in this blog to know what is going on in the show .truly , this blog is really good , very authentic .

so , i think may be ARMAAN'S old avtaar may entertain for a few days/weeks , but gradually they need to get back to the track .

wishing the besr for our own DMG ...