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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Riddhima as Armaan's Boss (By Dr.Kirti): 30 July PROMO VIDEO


Shama said...

Dr. Kirti is Back!! WOOHOO!!! that means Shubbu is back too..YAY!!! All we need is Nana back...and more of Rahul and the whole DMG team will be complete! :-) lekin bechare nana ka dil toot jaayega kirti ko married dekh kar...but i think he got along with sukirti (kirti's sis)

Vipin said...

Keerti's Luking Gawgez Man! <3
Haii..Woh Kya Kehte Hai?
Nayi Dulhan Ka To Roop Hi Kuch Alag Hai...Suhagan Roop Main Kya Roshni ki Tarha Chehra Chamak Raha Hai...
and LOLZ...Armaan and The Girlz! :P
And wat was Atul Doing w/ Flowers Bhynd his Earrs?? :P lOLZ

OVEIKE said...

Omggg dat wil b soooo good..n may be romantic too..

IN NO CENT said...

oh yeah ab toh armaan kii yaddash bhi waapiss aane se koi nahin rok sakta

Anonymous said...

guys r u made dmg gang kabhi ye hohi nahi sakta dmg gang sirf ye hai

karan singh grover = armaan malik

shilpa anand = riddhima gupta

sunena gulia = anjli gupta

pankit takkar = atul joshi

mayank anand = rahul

dharsti = muskan chdda

muskan = sapna shah

in sab dostt,inters,lovers and family members ki jagah hamare dillo se koi nahi nikal sakta aur agar inko tum sab bhul gaye ho so u such a chiters becoce jab kisi ek insaan ko dil se pyaar karte hai to bhulte nahi hai.

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz guys i request you please shilpa anand ko dmg k pass lane k liye meri help karo sbs me mail coment do per apne orignal riddhima ko dmg me vapas lao tab tum sab true firends ban sakte ho.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz meri baat per gour karo ok love you all .have a nice life buy buy.

* diyu *

Anonymous said...

you are right diyu i reali love your comment you i was think jany shayad ridz ban sakti hai but noo its not true real riddhima is only one shilpa anand and i promise you me sbs me comment zaroor dongi


Anonymous said...

shilpa anand is a only best riddhima

Anonymous said...

i love you shilpa anand our riddhima yaar