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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye ~ Armaan Has No Memory? New Promo Video


Ketaki said...

wow..nice promo..i m getting a feeling that Armaan wud soon get hi memory back..mujhe aisa lag raha hai..probably after he gains consciousness..or maybe in the weeks to come!i hope that happens soon..i cant see Riddhima cry for Armaan like this!...what Riddhima did to Armaan..was not gud..but i think she shudnt be punished in this way!!its too bad!but at the same time..i hope Riddhima learns something from her mistake!she does such silly things to Armaan every now n then..

also i feel really really sorry for Nikki..poor thing..when she wanted to leave..bcuz she didnt wanna come between Armaan-Riddhima, Abhi didnt let her go..now when she loves him..Abhi tells her that he is married!!poor girl..i hope all her worries are sorted out n that all this is just a bad joke!

n plzz creatives..get rid of that stupid susu and her irritating family soon!!

IN NO CENT said...

i truly agree with you ketaki that even i have a feeling that armaan will recognize every thing when he gets conscious or in weeks to come and abhi -niki i think if nikita loves abhi more than she loved armaan then she should trust abhi just trust and beileive me niki if your love is true abhi will surely come back to you and these lines goes for ridhima too for armaan dill mill gayye roxxxxxxxx ka-jen roxxxxxxxxxx