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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye Episode Video - 12th August, 2009 Update

Wednesday,12th August, 2009-Part-1

Wednesday,12th August, 2009-Part-2

Wednesday,12th August, 2009-Part-3

Wednesday,12th August, 2009-Part-4


IN NO CENT said...

the episode was very good and dill mill gayye has become intresting now and i know when ridhimas dad also could not seperate ar then this partial amnesia is nothing i know ridhima has that much faith in her love and this is a true love so armaan kii memory wapas aa jayegii and but i feel sad for ridzy for what ever happened in the party i hope armaan recognizez every thing soon his frienz,his family, his love dmg roxxxxxxx,ka-jen roxxxxxx

riddhima fan said...

i completely agree wid u innocent!jenny was awesome n fantastic.......n dont hve words to express it
armaan looked very cute when he was being slapped by her n dmg is literally coming back on track
armaan ki memory at any cost waapis aayegi hi

Anonymous said...

nahi guys i dont agree wid you jenny cant act in this drink treak she is over acting i think shilpa is great in holi episode and she looking drunk her acting was speechless you remember chabi mere pet me hai mane kal ka episode dheka aur phir shilpa ko holi episode me dheka and i felt jenny nothing agenst shilpa so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz guys shilpa ko vapas le aao.i miss her soooo much.