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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye Episode Video - 13th August, 09 Update

Thursday, 13th August, 2009-Part-1

Thursday, 13th August, 2009-Part-2

Thursday, 13th August, 2009-Part-3

Thursday, 13th August, 2009-Part-4


IN NO CENT said...

the episode was at its best i loved it as usual and that ar wala scene when armaan said to ridhima that "maine suna hai kii logon kii ankhon se unkii dil kii baat pata chaltii hai......" i loved that dmg is going gr8 and ar roxxxxxxxxx
ka-jen roxxxxxxxxx,dill mill gayye roxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

oh god the episode was worst totely i hat it jenny is agly plzzzzzzzzzzz koi jenny ko dmg se bhar ka rasta dekhao aur shilpa ke pass jao use manao thabhi dmg ka kuch ho sakta hai varna well plzzzzzzzzzz bring back shilpa i love her in herts.and i hat jenny vo bhi in herts.

Anonymous said...

right jab tak sukirti thi to natak ka nam dill mill gayye ki jagah songs millgayye kahena chaiy tha aur ab jab jenny hai to rona dona mill gayye ho jana chaiy dill mill gayye tho sirf karan shilpa hi bana sakte hai plzzz guy lishin na bring back shilpa IN NO CENT PLZZZZ YAAR I AN NOT YOUR ANMY I AM YOUR FIREND PWR PLZZZZZZ YAAR DONT B NONSENS I CANT SAY THAT KI JENNY IS A VERY BAD ACTRESS PER I SAY THAT KI JENNY PER SIRF GANGA JESE ROLL SULT KARTE HAI SO PLZZZZ RIDDHIMA KA ROLL KHAFI TUF HAI NA TO SUKIRTI PER HUA AUR JENNY BHI NAHI KAR PA RAHI HAI SO PLZZZZZZ I REQEST U EVRY BUDY PLZZZ SHILPA KO VAPAS LAO OK LVE YOU ALL.


riddhima fan said...

u r wrong anonymous!jenny is acting at her best right now n trying to enter our hearts!yesterdays episode was incredible!!ar n rm rocked........DMG ROXXXX.......