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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye Teem Celebrating 400th Episode Party

Courtesy: Aug.06, 2009-SBB, Aaj Tak, India


Ketaki said...

wow..400 episodes already!!man..i remember there was a time when i used to keep a count of all this!!i remember reminding myself of DMG completing its 200 episodes on 31st July last year..n then the first aniversary on 20th August..*nostalgia*..well to keep the custom going..DMG will complete its second year on Aug 20th..well i know that everybody remembers this..but *sigh*..cudnt help sharing it!!..

well..DMG is going great again..i hope the creatives will have something interesting for many years to come!!n i hope the creatives will manage to keep me interested enuf..for me to keep a count of the episodes again!!waiting for the 500th episode ;)..

way to go..DMG rox..so doest the cast n crew..keep up the gud work..*thumbs up*

IN NO CENT said...

apsolutely i have to agree with you ketaki and karan its a request please do not cut your hair again please

Ketaki said...

@simran: ..hey dear..i know u were shocked reading that article..so was i..but if u put a lil logic to it...the article is dated 14th April...well i think the decisions made in the film industry r transient..if a director signs an actor for a film,then probably he can sign some other actor in his place the next day!..i guess as of now, Karan is doing the film..n he is not going to quit DMG for that(luv him for that!!)..i have personally read this on Karan-Shraddha's blog..it was also mentioned there that there was a delay in the shooting bcoz of recession!so chill..if there is any change..our dear friend Rajkumar wud surely keep us updated with it!

hey rajkumar..how r u?man u r doing a great job!!u rock!!

Ketaki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rajkumar said...

Hello Friend !
Hey dear Ketaki, good to see you here again and again. Huuuu thanks for blogging.
I'm good as always. Enjoying life.
Happy wishes to completing Dill Mill Gayye 400 golden episode to all the DMG Lover.
Hey guys! I also have a specal gift for you and it will be give on the 20th August when our DMG make another aniversory. Till than hold you hearts and have fun.

riddhima fan said...

waiting for the surprise rajkumar!!
n m sooooooooooo happy that dmg completed 400 episodes wid its story again on track...
keep up this spirit n one day dmg will cross balika vadhu to being the no1 show in trps..........!!!!

im 400% sure!!!!!!!!!!