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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Tragedy Of Sanjeevani (Dill Mill Gayye)

Hello Friends !!!:smile2:
First of all a very
:yep:"HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY":loveu: to all the DMGians and Simran, luck, Snehil and IN NO CENT(i forgot some names, so plz. don't mind). Also thankful to make my DMG blog, oh! sorry our blog so special.

About our
:cry2:Dill Mill Gayye, there are no such effective topic to capture:geek: eyes.

The Rahul the invisible man-
Jab mann karta hai aa jata hai aur jab man kiya bina kisi kaaran Show se gayab ho jata hai.
Ms. :sleep:Muskaan chadda, pyar ki mari-:eek2:
Kabi Rahul ke bahut pass to kabhi door-door tak nahi. Love(Rahul) ka bhi koi bharosa nahi.
Armaan-Ridz, ek bhul ki :detective:shararti dukaan :boxer: aur dusari ladai:chatter: mei mahaan-
Ek time tha jab ye dono apni pagalo jaisi aadto par control kar lete the, ladai ke sath bahut saara pyaar karte the, believable saccha pyaar.

:acianmal:Gay boy :nah2:Atul and nakh chadi Anjali-:mad2:
Teen sola mei ye dono wahi hai, jaha the i means Anjali knows Atul love her so much that no bady can, but she don't care...... Shit :-( bad luck boy Atul)

:elvis:Niki, the confuse couple-
Inn dono ko apne bare mei hi nahi pata ki pyaar ki sharooaat kon kare?

:frown2:the unwanted cast-:realmad:
Bekaar ki character. Jiski show me koi demand hi nahi, the wild card entry with her parents.Ek trusty ho kar sab ki aadte paaglo se bhi buri hain.

Bechara ye hospital kya tha aur kya ban gaya. Do saal pahale lagata tha ke ye top most hai but now it is still top but from bottom.

All above nominated Doctors, Docteri ke alava sab kuch karte hai. Wo gaye jamane the the jab lift mei bhi operation hote the, ab to paisents ke bed ke bhi darshan nashib nahi.
Memory :wideeyed:loss is big issue but cheaters just play it like as innocent child. No reality, no story aur cast acting to door-door tak nahi. Atul-Anjali, Rahul-Muskaan, Abhi-Niki, Shashank :notworthy:they accepted this like as small injury who will recover soon...Foolish all things, totally crazy story and script by creators.
Where is
:err:Dr. Shubhankar, :swoon:Dr. Kirti ke sath unki shadi to normal hui par:laugh2: honeymoon to superb tha jo ek mahine mei pura huaa. Ab to Shubhankar nind se jaag jao aur Sanjeevani padharo.

Oh! Totally all thing are crazy...Please creators do something good hurry up! Story ko track pe le aao varana aapka serial(DMG) out of track ho jayega. Its TRPs also falling down due to ineffective story script.


Rajkumar said...

Hello friends
hey i also have sended few e-mails to the DMG makers to improve the story.

Vipin said...

ya dmg going down now days.

IN NO CENT said...

hei guys raj kumar thanksssssssss for remembering my name........
happy friend ship day to all of you once again and i hope that armaan kii memory jaldi wapas aa jaye what ever it trp going down and dmg not in its main track and what ever it may be dill mill gayye will remain the best of all as it has alwaysssss been for rest i dont know and waiting for tonights episode eagerly dmg roxxxxx and all the 4 couples rock

riddhima fan said...

u forgot me rajkumar:X
n very well said rajkumar...........but it is very sad ki trps r going down

luck said...

thanx rajkumar for saying my name so happy.
Thanx rajkumar for yr reply and hope creatives listen to dmg fans.

Anonymous said...

RAJKUMAR its so nice of u 2 right my name..........im so happy to be added i ur friends list and i wish u get alots of success in ur life

Anonymous said...

Snehil, Thanxxx Rajkuwar 4 rembrng me n saying ur blog our blog. Tragedy of Sanjeevni is too funny. U hav a Gud sense of humar. But our dmg remains d best. DMG ROCKSSS.

Anonymous said...

RAJKUMAR i was also thinking that u must make a section were all dmg fans can show thier creativety by making dmg's avatorblingees,and pix par disgning karna and rajkumar ive visited a dmg blogwhere there were dmg games and im telling u doing this will also increase the popularity of this blog and u can also make some dmg quize and if u want any help in doing so ,im always ready
so rajkumar im waiting 4 ur reply
do reply soon

Anonymous said...

Snehil, Sorry! RAJKUMAR, I have written ur name wrongly.

STUTI said...

happy friendship day dmgians..............!!!
DMG ROXXXXXXXX..................!!!!

Rajkumar said...

Hello Dear FRIEND
I'm very happy to se all you here and your golden words. Yes this is our DMG blog and we are like a family members here. I have newer think that i'm the Admin of this blog. My DMG past was not so good, when i started to watch this show, i just want to know all about the show and its characters like everybady. Than i think, i should help those people who love DMG and want to know more about the show. Than i started this blog for them. In creation and filling data my evenings changed into nights and nights into mornings(then i was new in internet). There is nobady to help me. My MOBILE PHONE helped me in this work as a modem. My mobile is my realy true FRIEND and closed one, by this i'm able to connect with you all.
This blog is here be'coz of me but standing by of you guys.
As i said before i must create some more stuff in upcoming day, where all will be Admins but right now i'm very busy in my office. If i need any help i must contect you all, be'coz now i'm not alone. I got many fiends here.
If any bady want to know more related to any topics, can contect me at: activeRK@yahoo.com by e-mails. I must happy to help.

anjaly said...

wah wah!
i really cnt b'liv our very own DMG s nw totally out-oftrac!! :(

i really hop they bring bac our DMG n its best story line......

riddhima fan said...

ull get my help also rajkumar.........dont worry!plz make some quizzes!!!!

Anie said...

i must help you Rajkumar for this fantastic blog. plz give me a chance.

Dpriya said...

i ve come to this blog after nearly one month . today i am so happy to see this post ... u hv done an EXCELLENT JOB ! i wish many such beautiful posts in future .the way u r working hard to make our fav serial more popular is worth praising !

lots of best wishes

Anonymous said...

DMG is reaaly b'coming borin these days....the story line is rally not working...n jennifer is a good actress but she doesn't suit the role of riddhima....