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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye Session 2 Episode - Sept. 22, 09 Video Update

Dill Mill Gayye [Session 2] Episode Video [Sept. 22, 09]- Part-1

Dill Mill Gayye [Session 2] Episode Video [Sept. 22, 09]- Part-2

Dill Mill Gayye [Session 2] Episode Video [Sept. 22, 09]- Part-3

Dill Mill Gayye [Session 2] Episode Video [Sept. 22, 09]- Part-4

HQ XviD Dill Mill Gayye [Session 2] Watch Online/Download
Dill Mill Gayye [Session 2] Episode Video [Sept. 22, 09]- Part-1

Dill Mill Gayye [Session 2] Episode Video [Sept. 22, 09]- Part-2

Dill Mill Gayye [Session 2] Episode Video [Sept. 22, 09]- Part-3

Dill Mill Gayye [Session 2] Episode Video [Sept. 22, 09]- Part-4


Annu Desae said...

So leap after 6 months

New Sanjeevani
Place where IOM award given has now welcome new interns board
Same Umar bhai
But new Sister lovely like
New one Sardar JI ward boy
AN shown - Nikki stiff with Abi
Shashank coming in - New thing he is with specs tooooooooooooo - thinking of all Ridz bullet scenes ( scenes which we did not want to see was shown again)
And then all 4 new entrants...expansion of the promos
-KW interesting SID -with pink trousers like yellow trousers of Jhon in Dostana!!
Tamanna - Will turn out liking after some episodes (i feel)
Yuvi - So so
Neha - wants to be interesting

That's itttttttttt.....Sleepy hspace5
It was like watching some new soap not our so loved DMG CryCryCry

Shilpian said...

I 100% agree with u Annu. this not our dmg...i really miss armaan0riddjima and all...what happend them

Anonymous said...

no point watching the show then! I miss KaJen already!

Aqueel said...

no armaan riddhima Angry..miss them

Neha Sinha (Surat) said...

Did we mind, if they finish the show like this,,,,,,,,,,,?
all the hostages, armaan, ridhima, those three people coming out side. Mantri also accepted his daugher with her husband. then everybody went to sagai of armaan riddhima. and they could also show their marriage in one part. But why they needed to do like this? i mean like this we could also accept the end of old dmg. but why they need to do this? this is just disgusting. what u guys say?

Anie said...

horrible way of showing the end of 3 youngster but i am positive for AR they are there and a very well part of show maybe after week month

Gitanjali said...

Im speechless...wat hurts more..is such a painful end to our lovely AR..& then they shw the precap of a girl dancing..are we fools that creatives think we're in the mindset to welcome anyone this way after our old favs have been brutally ended...

Anonymous said...

it seems the dmg people think that we are not emotional . even though fictional AR have become a part of our lives, and showing the death of the three youngesters was not in good taste. (shades of RDB????)u are right unnati after today i will think twice before liking any fictional character and as for welcoming them--- thats another question best left unanswered.!!!!!!

FAME said...

Exactlyy RDB ...I infact posted the same in my previous post..Cry
Im never gonna watch DMG if they dont continue wih AR no matter..
Let the TRPs stoop down..its probably then the creatives wud gain their senses..

Oweke said...

Hun I completely agree with you about the promo the way they ended the epi so sad and suddenly the precap pops up...I mean it was really misplaced...One moment we were crying our eyes out at the Jaane kahan dil milgaye and then plays the Desi Girl song uff that annoyed me!!
Luv Alwayz Sahar Embarrassed

Sara said...

ASK me i do not want to be positive right at this moment e .... this is truly a very disgusting episode!!.... I didn't blv on my eyes when ridzy got shot!!! i was so badly shivering ... its a play though but we south Asians are so emotional fools n' drama directors play with us ... How disgusting!!!

Anonymous said...

Thnk for the post

IN NO CENT said...

we want the old gang back soon armaan ,ridzy,muskii,anjie,atul

riddhima fan said...

completely agree wid all of u..........im also missing all of them.......n desi girl was hopeless..n these interns r even worse.....this is not our dmg....
our AR dmg roxxxxxxxxxxx