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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Priti Amin Enters Dill Mill Gayye

Will with the new interns in the show Dill Mill Gayye ,there had been one more new entry ,which will bring a change in the lives of Dr.Abhimanyu and Dr. Nikkita. The show will be going ahead with a small leap of 6 months from yesterdays episode.
"Priti is essaying the role of my wife in the show. Now she has come here for good or bad ,it is something to be watched.But her entry will definitely spoil the relationship of mine with Nikki,"says Amit.

Elaborating more on the story line,Amit adds,"There will be a leap of six months where these new interns will enter. Dr. Siddhant will be playing my causin in the show.Now its my duty to make him like Abhimanyu Modi, and thus he is sent here to sanjeevni for inturnship as a doctor."
"The show will have both the tracks going on, new interns and old inturns simultaneously.
Nikki and I will have prominent roles to play. With fresh faces, I think that the show will also get a bit of freshness,which is needed,"concludes the actor.
So guyz get new flavour of DMG from tonight's episode .


Anonymous said...

hey guyzz
if u need if u need any info about dmg..just mail me at dmg.simran@gmail.com or

IN NO CENT said...

you mean ar will get married and nothing is gonna happen to them ten thats really a good news for us and waiting for tonight armaan and ridhima

Anonymous said...

its not inturns!
its interns!