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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ten Common Things About Dill Mill Gayye

1. Riddhima's and Nikita's matching foot wears.

2. Dr.Abhimanyu's unbottened shirt.

3. Dr. Nikita's and Dr. Abhimanyu's break up before

they even start felling something for each other.

4. Dr. Armaan gets injured in every two month.

5. Dr. Anjali keeps on giving silly punishments to Dr. Atul (bali ka bakra).

6. Dr. Riddhima changes in every 1 year or 9 months (shilpa{sukirti{jennifer).

7. Dr. Muskan's curly hairs.

8. Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima romance in fire escape.

9. Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima's unconditional love.

10. Last but not the least the whole Dill Mill Gayye GANG.

We really wish from the deepest bottom of our heart that Dill Mill Gayye.
go a long long way and never end.


riddhima fan said...

very nice!!

IN NO CENT said...

yeah even we dont want dmg to end all these comman things have made us attached to dmg so we dont want it to get end so soon specially the love,romance,fun,masti,nok jhok, small fights and there ruthna manana b\w armaan and ridz even after the third ridhima.....DILL MILL GAYYE SEASON-2 ROXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX KA-SH ROXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX KA-JEN ROXXXXXXXXXXXXX