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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Safar Ke Shuruat Mein Gadbad - 2nd Nov. 2009 Promo Video

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode - 28th-30th October, 2009 Video Update

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Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 28th Oct. 2009- Part-1

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 28th Oct. 2009- Part-2

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 28th Oct. 2009- Part-3

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 28th Oct. 2009- Part-4

HQ XviD Dill Mill Gayye Watch Online/Download
Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 29th Oct. 2009- Part-1

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 29th Oct. 2009- Part-2

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 29th Oct. 2009- Part-3

HQ XviD Dill Mill Gayye Watch Online/Download
Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 30th Oct. 2009- Part-1

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 30th Oct. 2009- Part-2

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 30th Oct. 2009- Part-3

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 30th Oct. 2009- Part-4

Armaan and Riddhima ~KaSh~

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mayank Anand's Novel Ready To Publish

The artistic side of Mayank Anand is for all to see in the cover page of his to be released book, which he has painted himself!!

Apart from being a gifted actor, Mayank Anand is also a commendable writer whose upcoming debut novel, Love from the Sidelines, is all set to hit the stores. But not many people know that this blue-eyed boy of the small screen also has an artistic side! He devotes time regularly to his paintings and one of his gorgeous paintings now adorns the cover page of his book.

"Yes, I painted it while I was writing the book", Mayank remembers fondly. "It has all the emotions that the book has. I didn't plan to put it on the cover. It's only when the book was completed and my Publishers, Leadstart Publishing and I were finalizing on the cover design that the idea struck me!" the actor continues.

Knowing Mayank's earthy, versatile signature style, his every work promises to be a unique piece of art! Trust Mayank to tip off a victorious frenzy! And now that only a few days are left for the launch of the book, we wish you good luck, Mayank!
Courtesy: I-F

Sabke Saamne.....wo kaun hain? - New Promo Video

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode - 27th October, 2009 Video Update

HQ XviD Dill Mill Gayye Watch Online/Download
Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 27th Oct. 2009- Part-1

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 27th Oct. 2009- Part-2

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 27th Oct. 2009- Part-3

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 27th Oct. 2009- Part-4

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shilpa Anand in 'Haaye Sohniye' - Punjabi Music Video Song

Sukirti Kandpal's Claim To Fame !!!


Sukirti Kandpal could never tell her parents that she harbored dreams of being an actress. So, she packed her bags, convinced her parents that it was academics in Tinseltown that was beckoning her. But there were other things on the mind of this young girl. Five years on, she still has the spunk and charisma that brought her here. She got her first break while she was still in her final year of graduation and landed a plum role in a youth based show called Jersey No.10.

From then on offers started pouring in. “I thought I could be a model but then I was short, so acting called. At the age of 14, I couldn’t tell my folks that I wanted to be an actress or they would have laughed it off! We didn’t watch Hindi films in school; rather English movies were imbibed in us. After moving to Mumbai I have become a movie buff and I don’t miss a single film,” says Sukirti, with a smile that lights up her face.

It was a chance encounter with the creative head of Cinevistaas, who made the show that nurtured her dreams. “I was sitting at CafĂ© Leopold at midnight doing nothing. The creative head of Cinevistaas saw me and asked me to audition. I was in a confused state of mind and my friends encouraged me to go ahead with the offer. I was 19 then and was sceptical to enter the industry on my own. Today, I can’t imagine myself doing anything else but acting.”

But her biggest break came when she was approached to replace the lead character in Star One’s popular show, Dill Mill Gayye (DMG). “On my last day of shoot for Jersey No.10, I was offered to play Riddhima’s role. Initially I was shocked and baffled but I was elated at the same time. I had never got the time to watch DMG to understand the popularity of the show.

It was like doing something completely new for me. I was sure if I could do something convincingly, I would sail. I respect Shilpa Anand for whatever work she has done but I have my own set of fans. When I was leaving the show there was a riot on the internet and all over! I worked on my character and people appreciated the show,” says the chirpy girl.

With no acting background or training, Sukriti blended into the character and made it her own. “My homework was on the set, I took the character from scratch and learnt about Riddhima on the first day of the shoot when I wore a salwar kameez and got ready to transform,” she says.

The 21-year-old, however, loves the simple life - shopping and going on long drives. She also hopes to start working for orphanages in her free time. This is not all; Sukirti is also an animal lover and mothers her pet dog Lama to no end.

Moving on to her show, we discuss her chemistry with co-star Karan Singh Grover, and she praises him generously, but reveals that she has a special someone tucked away. She doesn’t shy away from talking about her handsome co-actor though, “Karan helped me from the beginning and he is a very nice person. He has always been good to me and when I was ill, he called for medicines. There was no time when I was paired up with him. There was no time for anything else,” she says.

Blushing, she hints that her real life beau is someone she cherishes. In spite of coaxing her to spill the beans on her guy, she refused shyly. “I have known someone who is ten times more handsome, ten times more deserving and ten times better in every aspect than any actor. God has to bless me for the fact that I have met a really genuine person in my life. He has stood by me through thick and thin. I will never choose an actor for my personal life. So I have known much better people and I know how to judge people.” However life hasn’t been all fun and games for this young actor.

She has tears in her eyes when she talks of the time, three years back, when everything fell apart for her family, when her sister was admitted to the hospital with head injuries. “She fell from the train and injured her head and she was in the ICU for 17 days. It was tough, for six months she did nothing. She had tubes all over her body. I was just 19 then and didn’t know to react to all of this. God gave me the strength to get my sister back on her feet. She is not in the best of health but she is fine,” smiles Sukirti.

Coming back to the show that made her popular, Sukirti recollects that there was some controversy, when she quit. “I don’t know how well the show is doing. I got to know it has a TRP of 4.5 and the pressure was on me to get the TRPs higher. Only one person cannot keep the show going. There were certain things that I couldn’t understand from the show.

I also have a certain kind of distance that I maintain from people which is often misunderstood as arrogance. I like to have a professional distance from everyone. Every actor puts in his best into a project and when one doesn’t get appreciated for the efforts, it feels bad. I don’t regret doing what I did and I was happy being a part of the show, and I met some genuine people in the team as well. I have respect for the team and prefer to keep shut about the rest of the issues,” she says.

For now she is busy working on Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo as the parallel lead. And needless to say, Sukirti is enjoying herself to the hilt with her co-actors Rupa Ganguli and Sushmita Mukherjee. “I am in a happy state of mind with this show and some ad films. I can take care of my personal life as well.

I do things that make me content. Agle Janam… is an interesting concept and I wanted to be myself on the screen with my original curly hair intact. Also, the basic character is very light-hearted and playful. Working incessantly for my pervious shows and looking after my sister took a toll on me and matured me beyond my age.” She talks about her experience working on the show, “I get along famously with my unit, and we meet each other even after work. It’s work and pleasure on the set.”

After playing the lead in Dill Mill Gayye, the actress readily agreed to do a parallel role without blinking an eyelid. “We have big Bollywood stars doing three scenes and making an impact. I can watch a comedy movie only for Paresh Rawal despite there being a huge starcast. The importance and impact of the role has to be gauged by an actor before taking it on. In Jersey No 10, I played a young girl who wore mini-skirts and corsets and walked around all the time. I want to experiment with all kinds of r
oles without any biases or inhibitions,” she says.

From television shows we move on to films, the next best option and aspiration for actors. Not many know that the actress had auditioned for Anil Kapoor’s next production Ayesha. “I do get calls to audition very often. I was short listed but Ayesha didn’t work out for me. But I am very happy that I was called for the audition,” she says, adding that she would love to do a comedy and a dance reality show.

No interview with a TV actor is complete without asking them about their shift to the big screen. When asked about her plans for Bollywood, Sukriti reveals that she is open to more challenges. “I want to explore the other mediums as well. Movies give you a high and all of us want to do good projects. I am not crazy or dying to get into movies. TV gives us the power to reach out to enough people and we get enough work satisfaction or money. And I am not ready to do anything and everything for movies. If a fine project comes along, I will take it,” she says with a twinkle in her eye.

She wants to see herself as a polished and fine actress of the 70 mm screen. “I want to be perfect and not get into films just for the heck of it. I also want a smooth transition from TV to films that makes me blissful,” she adds. Quite a transition it has been for Sukirti. From a 16-year-old dreamy-eyed girl to a passionate actor, she has indeed come a long way.

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode - 26th October, 2009 Video Update

HQ XviD Dill Mill Gayye Watch Online/Download
Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 26th Oct. 2009- Part-1

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 26th Oct. 2009- Part-2

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 26th Oct. 2009- Part-3

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 26th Oct. 2009- Part-4

Sunday, October 25, 2009

'I Am Fashion' - Jennifer Winget

We all loved Jennifer Winget as Dr. Riddhima on Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye. She will soon be seen with her funny side up on Sony’s Comedy Circus. According to her she is the essence of fashion in itself!

What is fashion to you?
Fashion to me is being Jennifer Winget. I am Fashion. But apart from that being fashionable depends a lot on your comfort level with the dresses you wear and on the way that you carry it.

Which is the one dress that can never go out of fashion?
Coco Chanel, the diva of fashion, introduced something called the lil' black dress. That is the one thing I feel, can never go out of fashion.
Your favorite designer?

There's a very unknown person called Jerry who is my good friend and my designer too. He tops the list followed by Ritu Kumar, Rajesh Pratap Singh for Indian wear and Versace and Coco Chanel for western wear.

Favorite perfume?
Be Delicious by DKNY

Favorite line of bags and shoes?
Gucci, Aldo, Charles & Keith and Ninewest
Do you prefer make-up or being without it?
I prefer both.
Which brand of make-up do you usually favor?

Your favorite fashion destination?
I can shop just about anywhere!
Designer label or platform ka maal?
Here again, I prefer both.

The accessories that you usually prefer…
My watch

Do you feel the electronic gadgets we carry reflect our style statement?
Yes I do.
Who is your style icon?
Sushmita Sen and Coco Chanel

The hottest color this season…
Pink and White
Courtesy: I-F

Dill Mill Gayye Dusehra Special Week Report

Scene of the Week:
Scene of the week was when Niki is by herself away from the party room, crying because Jiah has just humiliated her in front of everyone. Abhi finds her, and keeps telling her to listen to him and when she asks why, he emotionally tells her that he loves her. Then Niki reciprocates the love, but says that since he lives with Jiah, things have gotten bad. And of course Abhi says he can't ask Jiah for a divorce because she is sick. Then Niki cries again, until she ends up leaning against Abhi. Unseen by them, Jiah watches the couple and vows that if she can't have Abhi, then no one can. This is a moving scene because we have witnessed Abhi and Niki slowly fall for each other, only to have their love quashed by the appearance of Jiah, who is much more clever than she looks.
Dialogue of the Week:
Last week's best dialogue was when Yuvi has stopped on the road at night, because he sees Naina standing there alone. He tells her,
"Tum sab ko aise darathi ho?"Chalo beth jao chod detha hoon.Then Naina replies, "Mein sirf gaadi mein beth thi hoon."Yuvi then says, "Jaisi tumhari marzi. tum soch lo."
This is a funny exchange because we know Naina is secretly relieved to see Yuvi as opposed to some stranger offering her a ride. And because Yuvi also wants her to ride with him, she pretends just as indifferently. They are both so sarcastic with one another, and yet we can read the sparks of attraction between the lines.

Style Icon of the Week:
This week's SIOTW goes to Dr. Abhimanyu Modi hands down. He rocked the entire week with UB shirts in striped blue, deep red, and light pink paired with his trademark rimless glasses. It doesn't get any better than this young doctor and his effortless style. Honorable mention goes to Nikita Malhotra who appeared in the anniversary party wearing a white sari with sequined border, white choli, silver bangles and strappy sandals. She looked simply angelic and took the viewers' breath away.

Blooper of the Week:
When all the interns spend at least an hour trying to get a response from Moushi aunty, does it not occur to them or anyone in Sanjeevani that she is missing from her bed? Especially because she is not conscious at this point to go walking around by herself. Sounds funny to us.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Reality Brought To You By ~Snehil~

I have kept this news about Karan with me since a long time but now...I want you all to know this as i can't take what all is being said about the person whom you all loved once

Now this a REAL source...

This is what Karan actually said:-
"Well AR might not come back"... Karan Singh Grover is very upset with media infarct SBS ppl
visited IRI set yesterday as they want his interview but he was so pissed off that he didn't allow them to take the media beats...so he isn't giving any interviews.....they didn't hear his side of story and published all those articles...Well nicole is not in
india so howz that possible that they (Karan n Nicole) are living together but its true that Shraddha and Karan don't live together anymore... Yes unfortunately shraddha leaked all the problems... and she is very happy that Karan's fan following has drastically fallen... She told this to one of my (snehil's) close friends who happens to be her (Shraddha's) friends as well that she is very upset that Karan has stopped giving her money...she is going to London around 15th of this month for sum international project...she did this on purpose...Nicole is a gold digger as well..."

I know many of you would ask me which source is this............but lemme tell you that its been said by a person close to Karan...can't disclose its name as i have promised.........i hope you all now know that Karan is not at fault
Credits: Snehil

Why Naina Thinking About Yuvraj? Promo Video

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode - 23rd October, 2009 Video Update

HQ XviD Dill Mill Gayye Watch Online/Download
Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 23rd Oct. 2009- Part-1

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 23rd Oct. 2009- Part-2

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 23rd Oct. 2009- Part-3

Friday, October 23, 2009

Star One Jumping In Family Drama !!!

It is speculated that STAR One may go in for an image change. It will no longer be a youth channel but join the other GEC channels and serve social and family dramas.

Star One shows which have been centering around youth based subjects have not clicked too well with the masses!! While COLORS, the #1 General Entertainment Channel sits cozily with a soaring GRP of 314, Star One lags far behind with a GRP of a meager 51.
According to our source, "The channel is now looking for a major reconstruction in terms of its programming. This includes plans of considering the closure of youth based shows Dill Mill Gayye and Love Ne Milla Di Jodi".

It is heard that the Shakuntalam Telefilms show Love Ne Milla Di Jodi has recently been served a notice to better its ratings. However, when we called Chandana Sharma, the lead girl of the show, she denied the news.

Producer Shyamashis Bhattacharya, Shakuntalam Telefilms too denied having received any notice and said, "Lots of high points are coming up in the story, with which hopefully the ratings will go up".

Coming to Dill Mill Gayye, sources say that this long running medical drama might wrap up in December. Earlier, it was suggested that the creatives may attempt to resurrect the once highly popular Cinevistaas show with the return of Karan Singh Grover. But with his recent bad publicity owing to the problems in his personal life, the channel is skeptical if he will again click with the audience. Also, chances of Karan and Jennifer Winget working together look dim after all that happened between them.

An insider who is part of Dill Mill Gayye, on terms of anonymity said, "It is fine if the channel wants to take off the show. It has lived its life, but you cannot blame it on the TRP, as the channel's ratings itself don't rock".

Another insider further added that no decision has been taken as of now, but if the ratings of Dill Mill Gayye don't improve, then anything can happen.

It is also speculated that the channel is looking for a complete image change. "In place of the current youth based content, the channel may opt for social and family drama based shows which are popular with other GEC. In such a scenario, even the new property Hum Dono Hai Alag Alag might end. The only show that might survive the purge is Miley Jab Hum Tum, as it is doing well, and of course the newly introduced show Jaane Pehchaane Seh Yeh Ajnabbi".

Another source said that the reason why the above college based show rocks is the freshness of the story and the college back drop, which is nowhere to be seen on television.
Well, let's see whether the existing shows on the channel manage to pass the acid test or not!
Courtesy: I-F

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode - 22nd October, 2009 Video Update

HQ XviD Dill Mill Gayye Watch Online/Download
Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 20th Oct. 2009- Part-1

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 20th Oct. 2009- Part-2

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 20th Oct. 2009- Part-3

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sukirti Kandpal In SAB TV Show....Coming Soon...

There’s an all new ‘family’ which is about to be ‘framed’ on SAB TV . Just chill! There’s no controversy here but we’re just talking about an upcoming show on SAB.
Tentatively titled as Family Album, this Optimystix-produced daily is slated to come on SAB soon. Actors Sumeet Raghvan., Sukirti Kandpal, Apara Mehta and Tiku Talsania are all part of this family.When contacted, both Sumeet Raghvan and Sukirti Kandpal confirmed to having received the offers but claimed to have not signed the contract yet. Raghvan stated that there were issues regarding dates while Kandpal said that things weren’t finalized yet.

However, SAB business head Anooj Kapoor confirms the news to us saying, “Optimystix is producing a daily for us. The title isn’t finalised yet. Sumeet Raghvan, Apara Mehta and Sukirti Kandpal have signed for the show.”

This daily is expected to launch in November.

Message-Karan Singh Grover is Misunderstood...

Karan's fans have been taken way by the news of he is cheating his wife, Shraddha and is in a relationship with Nicole and also with Jennifer winget (co-star)...

I m really sorry to see but some ppl have blind folded believed to all those baseless articles and have developed negative thinking for Karan...
This is just an effort to clear at least a bit of negativity from the minds of his fans...

PPl plz think logically,if Karan had any intention to cheat his wife he would have done this far before,as he worked in the most romantic serial DILL MILL GAYYE(season 1).Daily,he has to give romantic shots.Whether its Shilpa or Sukirti or Jennifer, have never reported any misbehavior from Karan's side...
We have often listened Karan praising his wife,Shraddha.He has always said that"My wife is a more experienced and better actor then me."
He has always been very loving, caring and protective to Shraddha.Remember, when Karan fought with a watchman on the sets of JDJ3....
Didn't you all released that there might be a very very strong reason behind their decision of getting separated...
A comment was passed on Karan that:-
"Karan always said that he is just like Dr.Armaan, but Dr.Armaan was always loyal towards Dr.Riddhima,
but Karan proved his wordings wrong, he is just not like Dr.Armaan."
So, the answer for this is that:-
Dr.Riddhima(shilpa anand) misunderstood Dr.Armaan and thought that he is also in relationship with Dr.Muskan(dhrashti dhami),but it was just a misunderstanding...
Same might be in the case of Karan and Shraddha...
You all know that Karan cant take such a big step of breaking up with Shraddha without a strong reason and as if now as he has taken this step it would have been a very painful and a heart breaking decision for both Karan and Shraddha...
Plz understand thier condition and wait for the right time, when Karan will come up n speak the truth......

Monday, October 19, 2009

Jennifer Not Sure About Her Come Back In Dill Mill Gayye

Jennifer Winget aka Dr. Riddhima of Dill Mill Gayye is very much gloomy as being linked up with Karan Singh Grover. We called her to know of whether she is planning to return back to the show or not.“I don’t think so I will return back in the show but cant say! If it is written in the script, than it may be that I may make a come back in Dill Mill Gayye,” Jennifer said annoyingly.

When moved further with the chit chat, she quips, “Please, lets not talk about that show but instead of Dill Mill Gayye, I would like to speak on my upcoming comedy show “Teen Ka Tadka" were I am really going to be seen in a new avatar and I am happy doing it.”

Well, Jennifer has left us with the questions that, Will Jennifer Winget (
Dr. Riddhima) and Karan Singh Grover (Dr. Armaan) will make a come back? Or either of the two will be replaced by some another Dr. Armaan or Dr. Riddhima?

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode - 19th October, 2009 Video Update

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 19th Oct. 2009- Part-1

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 19th Oct. 2009- Part-2

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 19th Oct. 2009- Part-3

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 19th Oct. 2009- Part-4

Health is Welth: Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon aka Dr. Abhimanyu Modi of Dill Mill Gayye speaks of the many perks of staying healthy…

Do you follow any fitness regime?
Yes, in fact it's not a regimen but my lifestyle.

How much time do you spend in a day for workout?
Around two hours, but if I have heavy shooting then I make sure I workout at least for about half an hour. I do about 25-30 minutes of cardio, an hour of weight training and half hour of martial arts. On days when I'm pressed for time, I go for circuit training, which is doing a little bit of everything.

Apart from this have you taken up any sport or habit that helps you maintain your body?
I used to play basketball back when I was in New York. But now I just do martial arts.

According to you, how important is it to follow a fitness regime?
For me, it's very very important. Gym is an addiction to me. If I miss my workout any day I feel something's amiss. Working out keeps me boosted the whole day.

What's your usual diet?
I start with eggs and oats in the morning. After my gym session I have my protein shake. Then the rest of the day I have brown rice, chicken, dal, parathas and sabzi. I try to eat at small intervals.

Do you look upon calories when it comes to eating?
No, I just see to it that I don't cross my limit. But yes when I do indulge myself, I do an extra shift in the gym.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated towards your workout schedule?
The intense competition in the entertainment industry.

Do you equate fitness with the shape of the body?
On a certain scale, yes. I mean if you're obviously overweight, then it's pretty much clear to everybody who can see you, that you're not fit.

How were you in your teen years and now?
I was very skinny in my teens. But at sixteen, I started getting self-conscious, thanks to the many Black, White and Latin guys in my neighborhood and started working out.

Do you have a dietitian or an instructor to maintain your fitness?
No, my early training has helped me gain a lot of knowledge over the years. So I really don't require one.

Suggest some fun ways for working out.
Fun ways? Hmm… you can make your gym session fun by taking your i-pod along with you. And by pairing with a competing friend for martial arts. See, when you set goals and start to meet them, that's when the real fun actually begins!

Anyone that you idolize when it comes to good physique?
Akshay Kumar from Bollywood and Ronit Roy from television.
Courtesy: I-F

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Diwali Wishes From Dill Mill Gayye and Season 2 Blog Team

Secret Of Naina [Dill Mill Gayye Season 2] Promo Video

Dill Mill Gayye Fan Article From Nihal Gupta

This is a dedication to Dr. Armaan Mallik

He’s sexy, fun and full of frolic
Sanjeevni is so lucky to have this guy
He is an awesome biker and totally hi-fi
He is the best intern/doctor till date

In brain and braun he’s first rate

I wish I could have him in my fate.
Armaan is a dream who makes our heart beat fast

There’s none as gorgeous as him in the entire cast.
He can make everybody laugh like a joker
He’s great at everything he does from acting to soccer
He excels in every sports especially basketball

But has to rush to his cases when Dr. Kirti calls
We really wish he was single
So that we could mingle.
Armaan is a rockstar for eternity

But why is he so unreachable?? what a pity!!
He’s a chilled out dude
Always friendly, never rude

And we love to see his biceps nude!!
He’s hot and cool at the same time
Hope droowling over him is not a crime.
He has a mind, which is very kind.

He has bright eyes that twinkle like star’s in the skies!!
Armaan is the ultimate style icon
He’ll always be there in our hearts, never gone.
You appear to me a great man

It is because I’m your fan!!
Smile all the way and touch the sky..
So, Armaan we wanna tell you this today
In case you haven’t guessed it by now

We love you all the way..
Nihal Gupta
Mumbai, India

***Wishing*all*the*Dill Mill Gayye*fans*a*verry*happy ***Diwali***

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode - 16th October, 2009 Video Update

HQ xviD Dill Mill Gayye Watch Online/Download
Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 16th Oct. 2009- Part-1

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 16th Oct. 2009- Part-2

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 16th Oct. 2009- Part-3

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We Must Have To Second Opinion: Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon aka Dr Abhimanyu of Dill Mill Gayye believes that confidence and comfort are needed to be fashionable. He prefers to always take a second opinion while choosing his clothes.

Read on as Amit shares his fashion mantra with Us.

Define fashion?
Fashion is about being comfortable and at the same time being confident in whatever you wear.
Who chooses your clothes?
Mostly I choose my clothes sometimes my wife gives her opinion if I mismatch them. She is my second opinion and it’s always good to have second opinion.
Do you like to accessorise yourself?
Yes, I specially love watches and sometimes I wear a chain and a bracelet.
Is there any particular brand that you prefer for clothes?
Kenneth Cole, Armani Exchange and French connection
What is your favourite destination for shopping?
New York

Which are the clothes that make you feel comfortable?
Jeans and a ganji
Who is your favourite designer?
Giorgio Armani
A must have in your wallet?
I always keep around Rs 10000 in my wallet and some debit and credit cards.

Your favourite perfume?
Which colours are mostly seen in your wardrobe?
White, black and once in a while I also have red.
A fashion tip?
Being confident and comfortable makes you fashionable.
Courtesy: TC

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode - 14th October, 2009 Video Update

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 14th Oct. 2009- Part-1

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 14th Oct. 2009- Part-2

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 14th Oct. 2009- Part-3

Monday, October 12, 2009

Latest Interview Of Mayank Anand On TallyTadka

Story After Storm: Karan Singh Grover

The handsome hunk Karan Singh Grover aka Dr. Armaan of Dill Mill Gayye, is now a days very much up-set with his personal life and is going through a trauma which is restricting him from giving his good performance at work too.

“While being on the sets of India Rocks (Colors), Karan seems to be very much depressed a which is noticed on his face during the entire shoot of the show. Even if the actor acts that he is very much happy and everything is quite normal, his face gives the proof of being heart broken,” chirps the little birdie.

The actor has lost his charm and is trying to cope up between his personal and professional life. “Karan is really very disheartened after his rapport went sour with wife Shraddha but still the fake smile is always on his face. Though he has been trying hard to hide his real emotions but the poor actor is unable to sustain it,” source added.

“Karan had been fun loving and masti wala kind of guy on the sets but his broken married life has changed him. Now he works seriously without any masti. As soon as the shoot is over, the actor immediately leave the sets and rush back to his current home which is in town,” concludes the source.

Well Karan, we hope that you soon come out of this dilemma and rock the television again with your charm.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yuraj Stoping Naina: Dill Mill Gayye Season 2 Promo

Pati, Patni, Nicole Aur Jennifer, Four On One

Karan and Shraddha’s marriage has soured and fingers are pointing to more than ‘woh’ in the sordid tale. We broke the news on the fallout between the just-married couple. But as reported there were not just two but three people who were responsible for this mess. Now we unveil the probable third angle to this triangle.

As sources informed on choreographer Nicole being the raison de etre for the split it was heard from other quarters that Karan was not just seeing Nicole but even a TV actress. A source informs that the hunk was also in a relationship with his Dill Mill Gayye co-star Jennifer Winget. Apparently, even while Karan and Shraddha were in a steady relationship he was having an affair with Jennifer. He even promised marriage to her and Winget was sure of him fulfilling his promise. According to sources, out of all his flings, Jennifer’s was the strongest one and it is this relationship that drew Sharaddha and Karan apart forever. Jennifer and Karan were seen as wife and husband on Balaji Telefilms’ Kasautii Zindagi Kay.

Informs a source from the sets of the show, “Karan had a brief romantic liaison with his choreographer Nichole from Jhalak Dikhhlaa Jaa 3, which started on the sets of the show and lasted for a couple of months following Jhalak’s conclusion. The guy during that time was already dating his co-actor Jennifer. Infact, the two developed a liking towards each other during their Kasauti days itself but the show’s conclusion brought an abrupt end to their love story. Later Karan married Shraddha and everything was going fine until Jennifer entered Dill Mill Gayye. The fire was rekindled and the two became serious about each other. They never used to shoot for the show but spent time together in the vanity van. Despite being a much-married man Grover proposed marriage to her. So strong was their relationship that Winget wouldn’t shoot a scene without him and vice-versa. Nicole was just one of the many reasons that developed the crack in the relationship but it was Jennifer who dealt the final blow to Shraddha.”

We sent a text message to Jennifer Winget inquiring whether or not she was seeing Karan. She replied saying, “No.”

We also sent a text message to Shraddha Nigam but she didn’t reply.

But the man who is responsible for this mess, Karan remains out of the scene as is phone has been ‘temporarily disconnected’.
Source: TC

Friday, October 09, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye Gets A New Time Slot; Ajnabee At 8.30 PM

Cinevistaas' new show on Star One, Jaane Pehchane Se Yeh Ajnabee will launch on 19th October at the 8.30 PM slot, as a result of which Dill Mill Gayye will be shown at 8 PM...

Star One's new launch Jaane Pehchaane Se Ye Ajnabbi, produced by Cinevistas will launch on October 19th at the 8.30 PM slot. And this means, Dill Mill Gayye, which is also produced by Cinevistaa, which presently is aired at the same time, will be moved to a different time slot.
According to our source from the channel, "Dill Mill Gayye will be shifted to the time slot of 8 PM from October 19th, while the new show of the same production house will launch at the 8.30 PM time slot".

Amitabh Raina, Creative Head, Dill Mill Gayye confirmed the news and said, "Yes, Dill Mill Gayye will now shift to 8 PM from October 19th".

The new show Jaane Pehchane Se Yeh Ajnabee, as reported earlier has Siddharth Shukla of Babul Ka Aangann fame, new face Aditi Tailang and Ajay Balhara.

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode - 9th October, 2009 Video Update

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Do Se Bhale Teen - Karan Singh Grover's 'Woe'men !

Karan's woes seem to have just dipped further with the shocking news of his three-timing! You heard it right, at a given point of time, Karan was not with 1 or 2 .. but 3 women! Read to know more...

The news of Karan Singh Grover and Shraddha Nigam no longer being a couple, even before they celebrate their first wedding anniversary (December 2nd) has come as a shocker to the their fans..
However, Khabroo has dug in more information on what exactly went wrong in the m
arried life of Karan and Shraddha.
It has been reported by all scribes that Karan's closeness with Nicole was the reason for Shraddha calling off the marriage. However, there is more to it and here is what we found.

According to our source, "Shraddha has always been committed to the relationship, and has been very passionate when it came to supporting Karan in all ways possible. This was very much visible during the Jhalak days when Shraddha vociferously appealed for votes for her hubby in their official blog. However, this commitment was not there from Karan's side, and he got too close to Nicole ever since his Jhalak days".

However, the unknown factor about the whole drama is that it was not a triangle of sorts between Shraddha-Karan-Nicole, but there was one more girl involved. "In fact, Karan was going around with his close friend and co star of Dill Mill Gayye, Jennifer Winget too. Jennifer who was in love with Karan was made to believe that Karan would soon seek divorce from Shraddha and marry her. But Jennifer had no idea about the impending danger coming from Nicole too".

Our source adds, "Karan on one hand was having gala time with Nicole outside, and pretended to be in love with Jennifer too at his work place. At home, there was Shraddha who doted on him a lot. However, things went berserk when Jennifer got to know about Nicole's presence in Karan's life, and that is when she confronted him on the sets of Dill Mill Gayye".

Confirming this news, our source from the sets of Dill Mill Gayye on terms of anonymity told us, "When Jennifer got to know about Nicole, she slapped Karan
hard on his cheeks and just fumed out of the sets. These incidents did not happen now, this was months back. And after this, Karan and Jennifer could not look into each others' eye, and would come and shoot their scenes separately. But this could not go on for long, as the story had to focus on their love scenes too. This is the main reason why the new interns were roped in, as Jennifer down the line, found it very tough to even come to the sets".

In the midst of all this, even Shraddha decided to part ways with Karan. "Karan and Shraddha filed for a divorce months back, and just last week, their divorce got granted. Shraddha even today continues to stay at Karan's place, but she is really heart broken. She has not yet come to terms with whatever has happened in her life in the past few months. Karan has now moved to Nicole's place", adds our source.

We tried our best to trace Karan's new number, but could not get it. We got in touch with Karan's manager, who stated that nothing was wrong in Karan and Shraddha's life. But when we asked for Karan's new number, she refused to give it.

However, we got to talk to Nicole, who had her answer ready even before we had finished our question. "I really do not know what is happening in the life of Karan and Shraddha". When asked about her linkup with Karan, she just had this to say, "No comments".

We also tried calling Shraddha, and even sent her text messages. Eventually, she sent us a reply in text which read, "I would like to maintain my silence on this".

Our repeated attempts to get in touch with Jennifer were in vain. We later got to know that she is right now in Goa, and is trying her best to get over the trauma that she has recently faced.

Well, with the entire picture before us, we can only say that we pity all the three girls who fell for Karan's charisma and trusted him blindly…
Courtesy: I-F

Armaan And Riddhima Might Not Make It Back To Dill Mill Gayye

Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima have not been seen in Star One's Dill Mill Gayye. The news coming in indicates that they might not make it back to the show in the near future...

We all know that a gang of new interns have taken the place of the older ones in Star One's Dill Mill Gayye, produced by Cinevistas. While we see the likes of Pankit Thakkar, Sonia Singh still in the show, the protagonists Karan Singh Grover aka Dr. Armaan and Jennifer Winget aka Riddhima are found missing even now!!
Earlier, a source from the production house had told us that Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima will be making their comeback to the show some 5-10 episodes after the new interns enter. But now, things have taken a new turn, and it looks as though there is every possibility that Karan and Jennifer might not make it to the show again..

According to our source, "Karan is now busy with the COLORS show as well as his film. So it is very unlikely that he will be back. Further, the new track with the new interns in the first case had to be introduced mainly because the production house and channel were relying too much on Karan to give them dates. With Karan's personal life too going for a toss, the actor has now changed his number and is not at all accessible".

A source from the sets of DMG on terms of anonymity says, "I don't think the channel EPs or even the production house have the new number of Karan. Also, they don't see the need of getting him back to DMG now, because they have enough to play with, what with the new interns coming into the show. Above all, the show has always been focusing on the interns, and they would like to keep it that way".
Though there is a news that Karan and Jennifer might start shooting very soon, Amitabh Raina, Creative Head of the show tells us, "As of now, we are focusing only on the new interns. We have not yet decided on the return of Karan and Jennifer. If the story track demands, we might get them back later".
Yet another source informs us, "Karan has always been a pain when it came to giving the channel and production house the dates required. Whenever he did not turn up for shoots, they had to alter the scripts then and there, and insert a flashback sequence or a body double just to show his presence. The entry of the new interns was done keeping in mind the fact that Karan would now be even busier with his film shoot".
Our source adds on, "There would be a meaning if we get both Karan and Jennifer back. If Karan does not get back and we get only Riddhima back into the show, then again the whole essence of the love story is lost. So there is lots to contemplate, and the coming weeks and months will give us a clearer picture of what is going to happen".

While we could not trace the new number of Karan Singh Grover, we tried calling Jennifer Winget, but she too was unavailable. We did not even get a reply to our text messages.
Courtesy: I-F

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode - 8th October, 2009 Video Update

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Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode - 7th October, 2009 Video Update

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 7th Oct. 2009- Part-1

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Indian Television Celebrity Ranking (Sept. 28 - Oct. 04)

For the period Monday, September 28, 2009 to Sunday, October 4, 2009

1Karan Singh Grover
Last Week: 1
2undefinedHina Khan
Last Week: 6
3Harshad Chopra
Last Week: 2
4Avinash Sachdev
Last Week: 3
5Additi Gupta
Last Week: 4
6Mohit Sehgal
Last Week: 9
7Shilpa Anand
Last Week: 7
8Rati Pandey
Last Week: 8
9Arjun Bijlani
Last Week: 12
10Hiten Tejwani
Last Week: 5
11Shraddha Nigam
Last Week: 33
12Sanaya Irani
Last Week: 21
13Sukirti Kandpal
Last Week: 25
14Jennifer Winget
Last Week: 10
15Rubina Dilaik
Last Week: 20
16Karan Kundra
Last Week: 18
17Karan Mehra
Last Week: 29
18Rakhi Sawant
Last Week: 27
19Mayank Anand
Last Week: 97
20Gauri Pradhan Tejwani
Last Week: 26
21Rajeev Khandelwal
Last Week: 16
22Parul Chauhan
Last Week: 13
23Kritika Kamra
Last Week: 30
24Kamya Punjabi
Last Week: 153
25Kapil Nirmal
Last Week: 35
26Rajan Shahi
Last Week: 833
27Simran Kaur
Last Week: 17
28Sushant Rajput
Last Week: 59
29Anjali Abrol
Last Week: 47
30Kinshuk Mahajan
Last Week: 53
31Mohit Malhotra
Last Week: 91
32Rajat Tokas
Last Week: 42
33Gaurav Khanna
Last Week: 32
34Sarah Khan
Last Week: 22
35Divyanka Tripathy
Last Week: 55
36Angad Hasija
Last Week: 75
37Iqbal Khan
Last Week: 48
38Hussain Kuwajerwala
Last Week: 56
39Shweta Gulati
Last Week: 43
40Seema Kapoor
Last Week: 171
41Pulkit Samrat
Last Week: 144
42Zaynah Vastani
Last Week: 14
43Juhi Parmar
Last Week: 41
44Rahil Azam
Last Week: 103
45Ankita lokhande
Last Week: 77
46Shweta Tiwari
Last Week: 61
47Sharad Malhotra
Last Week: 67
48Ragini Khanna
Last Week: 39
49Ratan Rajput
Last Week: 24
50Shweta Salve
Last Week: 330
Courtesy: I-F