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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We Must Have To Second Opinion: Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon aka Dr Abhimanyu of Dill Mill Gayye believes that confidence and comfort are needed to be fashionable. He prefers to always take a second opinion while choosing his clothes.

Read on as Amit shares his fashion mantra with Us.

Define fashion?
Fashion is about being comfortable and at the same time being confident in whatever you wear.
Who chooses your clothes?
Mostly I choose my clothes sometimes my wife gives her opinion if I mismatch them. She is my second opinion and it’s always good to have second opinion.
Do you like to accessorise yourself?
Yes, I specially love watches and sometimes I wear a chain and a bracelet.
Is there any particular brand that you prefer for clothes?
Kenneth Cole, Armani Exchange and French connection
What is your favourite destination for shopping?
New York

Which are the clothes that make you feel comfortable?
Jeans and a ganji
Who is your favourite designer?
Giorgio Armani
A must have in your wallet?
I always keep around Rs 10000 in my wallet and some debit and credit cards.

Your favourite perfume?
Which colours are mostly seen in your wardrobe?
White, black and once in a while I also have red.
A fashion tip?
Being confident and comfortable makes you fashionable.
Courtesy: TC


Mrs. Tejshree said...

after so long time you get Amit's interview. Good work

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IN NO CENT said...

please give us a news about ar coming back in the show pls