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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye Dusehra Special Week Report

Scene of the Week:
Scene of the week was when Niki is by herself away from the party room, crying because Jiah has just humiliated her in front of everyone. Abhi finds her, and keeps telling her to listen to him and when she asks why, he emotionally tells her that he loves her. Then Niki reciprocates the love, but says that since he lives with Jiah, things have gotten bad. And of course Abhi says he can't ask Jiah for a divorce because she is sick. Then Niki cries again, until she ends up leaning against Abhi. Unseen by them, Jiah watches the couple and vows that if she can't have Abhi, then no one can. This is a moving scene because we have witnessed Abhi and Niki slowly fall for each other, only to have their love quashed by the appearance of Jiah, who is much more clever than she looks.
Dialogue of the Week:
Last week's best dialogue was when Yuvi has stopped on the road at night, because he sees Naina standing there alone. He tells her,
"Tum sab ko aise darathi ho?"Chalo beth jao chod detha hoon.Then Naina replies, "Mein sirf gaadi mein beth thi hoon."Yuvi then says, "Jaisi tumhari marzi. tum soch lo."
This is a funny exchange because we know Naina is secretly relieved to see Yuvi as opposed to some stranger offering her a ride. And because Yuvi also wants her to ride with him, she pretends just as indifferently. They are both so sarcastic with one another, and yet we can read the sparks of attraction between the lines.

Style Icon of the Week:
This week's SIOTW goes to Dr. Abhimanyu Modi hands down. He rocked the entire week with UB shirts in striped blue, deep red, and light pink paired with his trademark rimless glasses. It doesn't get any better than this young doctor and his effortless style. Honorable mention goes to Nikita Malhotra who appeared in the anniversary party wearing a white sari with sequined border, white choli, silver bangles and strappy sandals. She looked simply angelic and took the viewers' breath away.

Blooper of the Week:
When all the interns spend at least an hour trying to get a response from Moushi aunty, does it not occur to them or anyone in Sanjeevani that she is missing from her bed? Especially because she is not conscious at this point to go walking around by herself. Sounds funny to us.


FAME said...

bakwass serial now days

riddhima fan said...

very boring episodes!!