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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye Fan Article From Nihal Gupta

This is a dedication to Dr. Armaan Mallik

He’s sexy, fun and full of frolic
Sanjeevni is so lucky to have this guy
He is an awesome biker and totally hi-fi
He is the best intern/doctor till date

In brain and braun he’s first rate

I wish I could have him in my fate.
Armaan is a dream who makes our heart beat fast

There’s none as gorgeous as him in the entire cast.
He can make everybody laugh like a joker
He’s great at everything he does from acting to soccer
He excels in every sports especially basketball

But has to rush to his cases when Dr. Kirti calls
We really wish he was single
So that we could mingle.
Armaan is a rockstar for eternity

But why is he so unreachable?? what a pity!!
He’s a chilled out dude
Always friendly, never rude

And we love to see his biceps nude!!
He’s hot and cool at the same time
Hope droowling over him is not a crime.
He has a mind, which is very kind.

He has bright eyes that twinkle like star’s in the skies!!
Armaan is the ultimate style icon
He’ll always be there in our hearts, never gone.
You appear to me a great man

It is because I’m your fan!!
Smile all the way and touch the sky..
So, Armaan we wanna tell you this today
In case you haven’t guessed it by now

We love you all the way..
Nihal Gupta
Mumbai, India

***Wishing*all*the*Dill Mill Gayye*fans*a*verry*happy ***Diwali***


Shama said...


Nihal said...

Hey m new here...
Thanks for posting my article Rajkumar
Thanks Shama
Happy Diwali to all

Anonymous said...

very nice

areej said...

ya it was really good missing u Armaaaaaaaaaaan ur fans will always love u.......

areej said...

ya it was really good missing u Armaaaaaaaaaaan ur fans will always love u.......

areej said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
raisa said...

yaa i reallly miss him in dmg

IN NO CENT said...

i miss him too and i want him back in dmg with jenny ar please come back..............

riddhima fan said...

plz come back karan!!