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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode - 15th October, 2009 Video Update

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 15th Oct. 2009- Part-1

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 15th Oct. 2009- Part-2

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 15th Oct. 2009- Part-3

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video 15th Oct. 2009- Part-4


FAME said...

thanks for fastest update

Shilpian said...




sapna said...

me too missing dem
well mods wanna ask u if u know sumthing abt dis nwz

till now i only know
selection committie will again sit and decide will ar be back in the show after diwali that is till not fixed it depends on selection committe and stare one channel both they want the actors back or not before diwali i cannot tell u all anything fixed as they will sit after diwali to decide
this things also told by some meber who talk to them bt they can mislead also bt this is sure they are presserised and are bound to think because trp is very low and they are getting constant mails and petition already cross 1000 members
so keep mailing the cvs and try this is only in our hand if some news will come thta will be after diwali so i cannot give information before that

i read it on a dmg blog
plz mods if u know sumthing abt dis
den plz tell us

luck said...

If at all you read it kindly send us the link where you have read this