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Monday, October 05, 2009

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode - October 05, 2009 Video Update

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video Oct. 05, 09- Part-1

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video Oct. 05, 09- Part-2

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video Oct. 05, 09- Part-3

Dill Mill Gayye [Season 2] Episode Video Oct. 05, 09- Part-4


Anonymous said...

hey guyzzzz
ve u all seen d precap i have strong doubt dat d person on d wheel chair is our very on Dr.Armaan.......n Dr.yuvi is his relative tabhi to vo dr.shashank se badla lene ki bat keh raha tha...............n guyzzz have u noticed today Dr.Tamanna was luking as Dr.riddhima [shilpa anand]..............n i really like the background music which is played wen Dr.Yuvi comes.........

luck said...

no innocent you are wrong
The man is not armaan remember yuvi said it his childwood dream to join sanjeevani
And yeah they are making her look like shilpa

Anonymous said...

@Luck ur extremely r8 dat cv r tryng vry hard 2 make tamana luk lik shilpa n 2day they even copied one of her hairstyle also. @Simram, no... not at all that prsn can't be armaan. I think ammy-ridzy entry is gng 2 be in very positive way. 2day Dr Shasank too Dr.Chadda's name I tnk so sun der is gng 2 be muskan's entry. But still I am not able 2 accept new interns. Snehil.

IN NO CENT said...

yeah right guys that isnt armaan and thats all waiting for armaan and ridzy to come back

riddhima fan said...

@ snehil.....even i think so ki AR entry will b too cooln @ simran,y wud armaan take badla from shashnak.i mean he wud have been his father in law yaar n he approved of his wedding....... n even im not able to accept new interns..n even if they r trying to show tamanna as shilpa....they will never succeed coz shilpa is unique......n no one can copy her.......n really missing AR