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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pati, Patni, Nicole Aur Jennifer, Four On One

Karan and Shraddha’s marriage has soured and fingers are pointing to more than ‘woh’ in the sordid tale. We broke the news on the fallout between the just-married couple. But as reported there were not just two but three people who were responsible for this mess. Now we unveil the probable third angle to this triangle.

As sources informed on choreographer Nicole being the raison de etre for the split it was heard from other quarters that Karan was not just seeing Nicole but even a TV actress. A source informs that the hunk was also in a relationship with his Dill Mill Gayye co-star Jennifer Winget. Apparently, even while Karan and Shraddha were in a steady relationship he was having an affair with Jennifer. He even promised marriage to her and Winget was sure of him fulfilling his promise. According to sources, out of all his flings, Jennifer’s was the strongest one and it is this relationship that drew Sharaddha and Karan apart forever. Jennifer and Karan were seen as wife and husband on Balaji Telefilms’ Kasautii Zindagi Kay.

Informs a source from the sets of the show, “Karan had a brief romantic liaison with his choreographer Nichole from Jhalak Dikhhlaa Jaa 3, which started on the sets of the show and lasted for a couple of months following Jhalak’s conclusion. The guy during that time was already dating his co-actor Jennifer. Infact, the two developed a liking towards each other during their Kasauti days itself but the show’s conclusion brought an abrupt end to their love story. Later Karan married Shraddha and everything was going fine until Jennifer entered Dill Mill Gayye. The fire was rekindled and the two became serious about each other. They never used to shoot for the show but spent time together in the vanity van. Despite being a much-married man Grover proposed marriage to her. So strong was their relationship that Winget wouldn’t shoot a scene without him and vice-versa. Nicole was just one of the many reasons that developed the crack in the relationship but it was Jennifer who dealt the final blow to Shraddha.”

We sent a text message to Jennifer Winget inquiring whether or not she was seeing Karan. She replied saying, “No.”

We also sent a text message to Shraddha Nigam but she didn’t reply.

But the man who is responsible for this mess, Karan remains out of the scene as is phone has been ‘temporarily disconnected’.
Source: TC


Anonymous said...

hey again d source is tellychakker..................india-forum par article deka aur...................aur kuch apne words add karke......heading badal kar phir se post kardiya........................dey all ve gone mad............karan ke peeche pad gayye he

IN NO CENT said...

yeah you are right karan nahan dho kar peeche padh gayye hain

riddhima fan said...

even toi has displayed reports of ks break up n let me tell u they r never wrong.....but im still wid karan

Anonymous said...

u guyz are crazy...

and btw the petition is the most useless thing ive ever seen in my life...coz shilpa anand ke liye bhi petition sign kiya that and wat was the use? ab shilpa ke sbs par interviews sekh kar hi kaam chalana padta hai na!!!

dont waste ur time watching this faltu dmg, or signing a petition for it.
instead, just start watching something else!!!

Anonymous said...

ya...evrithing on dis site isfrom I-F!!!