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Monday, October 12, 2009

Story After Storm: Karan Singh Grover

The handsome hunk Karan Singh Grover aka Dr. Armaan of Dill Mill Gayye, is now a days very much up-set with his personal life and is going through a trauma which is restricting him from giving his good performance at work too.

“While being on the sets of India Rocks (Colors), Karan seems to be very much depressed a which is noticed on his face during the entire shoot of the show. Even if the actor acts that he is very much happy and everything is quite normal, his face gives the proof of being heart broken,” chirps the little birdie.

The actor has lost his charm and is trying to cope up between his personal and professional life. “Karan is really very disheartened after his rapport went sour with wife Shraddha but still the fake smile is always on his face. Though he has been trying hard to hide his real emotions but the poor actor is unable to sustain it,” source added.

“Karan had been fun loving and masti wala kind of guy on the sets but his broken married life has changed him. Now he works seriously without any masti. As soon as the shoot is over, the actor immediately leave the sets and rush back to his current home which is in town,” concludes the source.

Well Karan, we hope that you soon come out of this dilemma and rock the television again with your charm.

1 comment:

purnima said...

hi,karan,tumhare fans tumhare sath hai,sada muskurate rahna.......we love you and miss you ........come back soon in dmg........