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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Bravehearts

They claim to be different from the repressed village belles. And so far, they have lived up to the promise.

Taking a different route from the current trend of rural set-ups, social issues and women’s plights, a few shows on Indian television have been trying hard to go the hat ke path. But will they survive the battle of the TRPs which is currently dominated by rural belles?

A glance at the TRP trend of the past few months will show that the biggest gainers for General Entertainment Channels (GECs) have been shows that are based in the heartland. Rural dominance is the order of the day, what with maximum viewership coming from small towns and villages. But in this melee, shows like Dill Mill Gayye, Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, Bhaskar Bharati, Jyoti, Beyttaab Dil Kee Tamanna Hai, Ladies Special and the kind have been trying to make a mark with their hip, urban and contemporary storyline. For these shows, it’s not about repressed women and dominating men. It’s about women who are go-getters and the storyline is aimed at the urban audience.

The show Bhaskar Bharati is about a guy (played by Eijaz Khan) who turns into a woman so that he can understand them better. “In the show, the character of Bharati has to suffer office politics and family issues. The character is made to go through these emotions as working women in everyday life go through such problems while trying to juggle their personal and professional lives,” says actor Aamir Ali who plays Aarman in this daily.

The story of Ladies Special too is no different. With four women who are basically ‘local train buddies’, trying to juggle work and personal trials, this show is aimed at the urban working class woman. The daily Jyoti too follows on the same lines. “There are many women in the country, just like the protagonist in the show, who still take the responsibility of their families even after they are married. This is very common these days,” says producer Sunjoy Waddhwa. The interns from Dill Mill Gayye are driven to realise their dreams while the slum girls from Beyttaab Dil Kee Tamanna Hai dream to make it big someday.

Though they have a good storyline and an urban appeal, the TRP charts tell a totally different story. The biggest gainers in all cable and satellite homes in the past few months have been shows like Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Balika Vadhu, Na Aana Is Des ... Laado, Uttaran and Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, with ratings anything between 4.08 to 4.56. Stories with strong female protagonist and urban story lines do not feature in the top 10 list. In such a scenario, shows like these in the past have had to either wrap-up or change tracks. “In the past we have seen stories changing tracks to ‘fit in’. But I have always maintained that if a show is good, it will work, trend notwithstanding,” says producer Rajan Shahi. “Women don’t necessarily have to be portrayed as weak and submissive. Strong women can grab eyeballs,” says Waddhwa.

So while the village belles rule the roost, the urban middle class is still struggling to find its feet on the small screen.

In this battle of TRPs, the big loser and even bigger gainer is decided only with the click of a remote. It’s now left to see if these go-getters do actually manage to get somewhere.
Courtesy: TOI


Shilpian said...

dmg no. 1

aman&gurleen said...

no all these show yeh rishta are not much famous in our locality these are watch by our mummy's only my many friends are tired from balika badhu because of that serial they r unable to see dmg so these high TRPs serials are most hatred amoung youngsters
so dmg is no 1
dmg roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

anuja said...

hiiii guys ... think abt this..... karan(arman) in sharukhs Fauji 2... sahi na.... ya we would love to see karan doing redchilli prodoctions Fauji 2.... kash ye ho sakata hai !!!!!!!!!!!!

IN NO CENT said...

yesssssssss dmg always roxxxxxxxxx and i want ar and the gang back in the show

riddhima fan said...

@innocent,i agree...........same wish..........but its not possible coz cvs have gone MAD!!

gulfisha.khan said...

hey the new guy in mjht called adhiraj is resemblance to Shaleen of nach baliye,no? i think so plz tell me wat u think n i hv come here coz i do not no any specificlly mjht blog n most ppl watch both dmg n mjht.
here r his pics:

FAME said...

Dill Mill Gayye always get good ranks(trps) at shilpa's time, ohhhh....but now it is out rankings[check on home page of this superb blog]