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Sunday, November 22, 2009

“I Miss DMG But Not So Much !!!” Sukirti Khandpal

We wishes Sukirti a very happy birthday, she takes pleasure in speaking her heart out…

Sukirti has definitely achieved what her name stands for- Good Fame.
Her fans love her to death and on occasion of her birthday, she helps fulfil their wish of 'a long interview of Sukirti by our reporter'…
Over to the gorgeous Sukirti Khandpal...

Everybody makes some resolutions with the beginning of a New Year in their lives. Have you?
Yeah I have (laughs), to go to the gym. And I'm not going to break this resolution. The other one is to take good care of my skin because it gets tanned very easily.

Today is the day of lots of cake-cuttings for you. Which is your favourite flavour?
Black forest! And oh, I like Dutch truffle too (smiles).

How has the past year been?

It has been very eventful. I left Dill Mil Gaye to join Agle Janam. I became the official model for PC Chand Jewellers. I made a lot of new friends. I got some added time to spend with my family. So yes…was quite a year!

Was there any learning experience?
Well, I learnt that if you are sincere in your work, it might not get recognised immediately but over the time, it would be. I also bought myself a house in the suburbs. So I learnt all about loans and paperwork and many other things involved in buying a house. My eyes have opened to the financial nuances.

So how have you changed since the past year as a person?
I have become more mature and I've changed into… sort of a thinking person. If you ask my colleagues they would tell you that most of the times I'm lost in thoughts, and that they have tagged me 'Auntiji'.
Also my sister met with an accident, and it jolted me to the real world. I gladly shouldered my responsibilities and now I understand that there's a lot more in this world. I've just turned 22 and already I've seen fame, suffering, appreciation of strangers who love you unconditionally (sighs)…Normally a girl my age would've still been in college. But not me. I have a bigger horizon. I feel I'm mentally 30!

Did you learn any new skills in the past year?
Umm…I haven't. I know I should've but I guess I was just lazy and stupid (laughs). (repeats to believe it)Gosh! I didn't learn any new skills in the past year!

After being in a youth oriented show, why jump on to something rustic like Agle Janam?
Well, even though DMG was a youth oriented show, Riddhima was much older than I was. She was 27 while I was 21 then. She was simple, sober, and would easily break down and that was so unlike me. On the other hand Siddheshwari can do anything. Giggle anytime, be kiddish, and that was more like me. In spite of the fact that I could relate to Riddhima's language more than Siddheshwari's, when it came to character, the latter matched me more. And an added perk was that they let me do it in my curly hair (smiles) and in DMG I had to wear a wig. I always wanted to do a part with my real hair!
But doesn't the heady drama affect you?
Well, it does. Portraying this role did present its challenges to me. Especially to say the lines in Bihari. But what's important is for your work environment to be positive. And all of the actors of Agle Janam are so humble, it was shocking at first! So I really enjoy my work hours and it helps me keep going in spite of the heavy script.
I know things were different in DMG where we could improvise. You know, add a cool line here and another there. The dialogues were casual like- Oh my God Armaan! But here I can't do that. How can I when I don't even know the language properly? And there we would have events like basketball match but here it would be a puja.

So you do miss DMG…
Of course I miss DMG because every young actor would enjoy working for a youth based show. But here (in Agle Janam) off-screen we have our own fun. We keep cracking jokes during lunch time or whenever we are free. So yes, I miss DMG but… not that much!

Are you still in touch with your DMG co-stars?
Yes, in fact I wished Mayank on his birthday that falls on the 14th of November. Sonia has always been my good friend and we keep calling each other. Even Drishti and I are still in touch.

How did you feel, when you were linked with Abhishek Rawat?
(Laughs heartily) Oh my God! Please put this in red letters, that if my phone has 100 contacts then 90 of them are boys. Because I myself behave more like a tomboy and so, I get along more with boys rather than with girls. Since they don't know who I'm going out with, any boy that I'm spotted with off-screen is romantically linked with me. I just want to say please leave Abhishek out of this. He is a good friend and he need not get dragged in such stupid speculations.
I think this happened because I was spotted at Inorbit mall shopping with him. When I'm giving my shots with Abhishek amidst twenty people, that's okay. But if I'm shopping with Abhishek with 2000 people around, oh that's not okay! Because that's not work? I think people need to open their minds a little wider to understand the fact that a guy and a girl can go out shopping without any romantic interest whatsoever.

So would you let us know you are going out with…
(Laughs) No. You can rest assured that it's not going to be someone from the industry anyways. I'm a girl who does a lot of things that most other girls don't. So I want a guy who can understand that and not try to stop me from doing what I like. I'm looking for someone who is genuine and gives me my freedom.

Lastly, a message to your fans.
Fans really matter to me. I don't know if you'll believe this but I always read each and every comment that they write about me on blogs. Sometimes I see that they are fighting for my position in like the top five and it's really overwhelming. They love me so much... its an amazing feeling (sighs)! I just hope I am able to give them back something credible enough through ways of my acting (smiles).
Once again , we wish Sukirti a very Happy Birthday and a wonderful and funfilled year ahead!
Courtesy: I-F


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many- many happy returns of the day dear Sukirti kandpal, from our blog and all your fans. Wish you a very happy b'day.

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