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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Terror Talkie To DMG Stars On Mumbai 26/11 iii

A year since 26/11 and our TV stars talk of how nothing seems to have majorly changed in the security measures taken for the city and her people...It’s been a year since 26/11 when 10 terrorists had the better of our establishment, when close to 200 people died in the spine-chilling attacks on Mumbai and since we promised to make our city and our country a better place to live in.

Have we done anything? The heads that rolled in the establishment after the attacks are back in power. Elections (both assembly and parliament) in Mumbai saw less than 50% voter turnout. And much of the promised security measures have not really been implemented. Are we any better today, than we were a year back?

We decided to speak to a number of TV celebrities to find out what they think has changed over a year…

Karan Singh Grover:

It’s true after 26/11, a lot of measures have been taken,
but I am not sure whether those are enough. Today, a lot of those measures have been relaxed. We also do not bother and take things for granted. Take a theatre or a mall for example: just after 26/11, there were so many additional security measures that were taken, but today it’s not the same. No one seems to care. I feel we need more manpower in the establishment and security forces. We may have our own sense of security since we move around in our cars but what about the common man who is using public transport? Does he feel secure on the street? I don’t think so. I doubt if one year later enough has been done to assure the common man of security.

Muskaan Mehani:
Post 26/11 we have taken many steps, b
ut I don't think they are enough. Whenever we go to any malls, theatres, we can see how casual the security personnel are in their duties. It is just a routine check they do and let the person in. It is more for the sake of doing it, rather than a step in ensuring security. I have personally experienced one more tragedy in Mumbai during 24/7 when I was stranded for more than 18 hours. Mumbaikars have the ability to fight back and that is why it is what it is. I guess, all of us will need to be more vigilant and particular about personal security.

Mayank Anand:

The entire security system in our city works like a nine-day wonder. Why aren’t the same measures taken throughout the year? Whenever we celebrate Republic Day, Independence Day or some such occasion, we tighten our security measures. Why? I have seen in the last few days, NGOs conducting sessions for people on how to behave during a crisis. But why just before the anniversary of 26/11? Can't this be an ongoing process? Apart from the five star hotels in South Mumbai which I frequent, I doubt if the security measures are in place elsewhere. I think we should not just relax and take things for granted. God forbid, if something similar happens, how will the security forces react?

Jennifer Winget:

I do find some changes in the security measures. Like yesterday, we had to go to Panvel for a shoot and we all met at a suburban mall 11:30 pm. We saw there were three policemen who were taking care of the roads and were alert in their duties. And I was feeling proud of the fact that at that hour too we were feeling secured.


Shilpian said...

i hate terrors

Shama said...

me tOO Shilpian. GOO LUCK INDIA

IN NO CENT said...

every body hates it anyways good luck to the whole india...........