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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Planing Of Jennifer Winget

Here’s the latest dope on what Jennifer Winget has been up to all these days and the plans she has for Christmas! Jennifer Winget aka Dr. Riddhima of Star One's Dill Mill Gaye, has been busy doing her new place in Mumbai.

When we told her how much her fans are missing her she said, "It is really sweet of them to miss me so much. But I'm not going anywhere, please tell them I'll be back soon and not to get too sad or depressed. But I'm unable to tell you when and where I'll be back as I am waiting for something good. But I will be back on telly soon!"

So what's she been up to these days? "Well, I've been really busy decorating my new place in Mumbai. I'd bought the house earlier but because of my hectic schedule I couldn't find the time to do it up. So after I got free, I indulged myself in furnishing my home. I also took some time out to go out of the city and have some 'me' time."

Jennifer shares with us her Christmas plans. She says, "My Christmas plans are HUGE. It's the first Christmas in my new house. Also it's the first Christmas for my tiny little nephew. This Christmas is going to be a huge family affair. And since I'm not working, it will be just like when I was a little girl, celebrating it with my family."

She ended the conversation by conveying lots and lots of love to her fans.

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