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Saturday, January 09, 2010

'Everyone Looks Nice In Their Natural Skin' -Sukirti Khandpal

Sukirti Khandpal shares her fashion ideas with us…

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion means wearing something that accentuates your personality.
Which is the one attire that can never go out of fashion?
One piece cocktail dress

Your favorite designer
Raghavendra Rathore and Satya Paul.

Favorite perfume
Chanel Mademoiselle
Favorite line of bags and shoes
Bags by Guess and shoes by Charles & Keith.
Do you prefer make-up or being without it?
I like being without make-up. I think everyone looks nice just in their natural skin.

Which brand of make-up do you usually favor?

M.A.C for lipsticks and blushes, Bobbi Brown for foundation and Lacome for lip gloss.

Your favorite fashion destination?
Designer label or platform ka maal?
What do you do on a bad hair day?
Just scrunch it up!

The accessories that you usually prefer…

A good watch, nice bangles, and occasionally earrings.

Do you feel the electronic gadgets we carry reflect our style statement?
Yes they do.

Who do you feel is the most influential trendsetter at present?
Kareena Kapoor.
Who is your style icon?
No one.
The hottest color this season…
Purple and aquamarine.

Do you take fashion advice from others or you follow your own instincts?

I make my own fashion decisions. Even while shopping I go alone.

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